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Awesome Ways The Internet Destroyed PETA For Mocking Steve Irwin On His Birthday





The internet is filled with unexpected and crazy things. For instance, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) had targeted the late Steve Irwin, criticizing the conservationist’s legacy. Needless to say, people weren’t having it and immediately destroyed the organization on social media.

Irwin was recently honored on what would have been his 57th birthday. Google gave the famous animal conservationist one of its honorary doodles that also showed off Irwin’s legacy. However, PETA wasn’t impressed with the tribute. Instead, the organization decided to criticize Irwin’s actions, claiming that he harassed exotic animals and forced them to perform on TV shows.

Google proudly unveiled the Steve Irwin doodle honoring the man on his birthday.

In response, PETA unleashed a vicious thread on Twitter condemning Irwin.

The attack on Irwin was certainly surprising and it shocked people across the globe. However, some netizens refused to let PETA trample all over the Australian icon’s good name. Here are some of the savage ways that the internet destroyed the organization for mocking Irwin.

Drake Bell, former star of the Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh, lashed out at PETA for the criticism. Bell pointed out that the organization was attacking a man who is known for his compassion for animals.

Steve Irwin was known for his show Crocodile Hunter, which turned him into a household name. Irwin loved crocodiles so much that he named his daughter after his favorite crocodile Bindi.

Irwin passed away on September 4, 2006 after a stingray accidentally stung him in the heart while filming the documentary film Ocean’s Deadliest. He is survived by his wife Terri, daughter Bindi, and son Robert. Not surprisingly, his family keeps Irwin’s legacy alive by continuing to care for all types of animals.

People can continue supporting Irwin’s conservation efforts through Australia Zoo, the park that he and his family maintains.

What do you think of the internet coming together to defend Steve Irwin against PETA’s criticism? Let us know in the comments below.

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