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Mugger Cries for ‘Daddy’ After Attacking the Wrong Woman in Brazil

Monique Bastos bravely took on the men who tried to mug her on the streets of Brazil.


“Daddy, daddy, call the police, daddy. Help Jesus. I swear it was the first time I’ve ever done this. Help, Lord, somebody help me. Where’s my mom?”

A mugger wailed on a street in Acailandia, western Brazil as he begged for mercy. Ironically, the man, Wesley Sousa de Araujo, is a crook who attempted to mug Monique Bastos. However, the tables turned when the 23-year-old woman, who happens to be a professional MMA fighter and jiu-jitsu blue belt holder, knocked him down with a rear-naked choke.


Ms. Bastos later used the triangle chokehold with her legs; immobilizing the suspect for 20 minutes until the local authorities arrived.

According to Ms. Bastos, she and another lady were cornered by Araujo and his partner aboard a motorbike. The men were forcing them to hand over their mobile phones.

But seeing that the suspects were unarmed, Ms. Bastos fought back.

“I wasn’t afraid. I knew I could immobilize them. One of them managed to run away, so I got the motorbike driver with a lion killer and held him in my legs for 20 minutes,” Bastos said.


Photo credit: Daily Mail

In Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the lion killer is a choke hold where the person wraps his arms around the opponent’s neck, placing the crook of his elbow on his opponent’s trachea.

Pedestrians watched and recorded the incident while Araujo cried like a baby, calling out for his daddy to help him.

He was later taken to the police station. However, according to reports, Araujo denied the allegations and said he didn’t try to rob the women.

Watch the video:

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H/T: Unilad, Mirror, Correio Braziliense


China Officially Unveils Secret “Carrier Killer” Missiles During Victory Day Parade

China shows off its massive nuclear missiles they built for world peace.

Today, September 3, China just had its annual Victory Day celebration which marks the 70th year since World War II ended. The country commemorated the said event at Tiananmen Square, Beijing. The massive parade featured over 2,000 doves and 50,000 balloons in the sky which represented China’s desire for world peace.

Ironically though, the country took the opportunity to showcase some of their firepower during the parade - including the secret Dong-Feng 21D, an anti-ship ballistic missile created by China’s own Changfeng Mechanics and Electronics Technology Academy.

So what makes this weapon so special? What sets it apart from other missiles? Well, if the details are to be believed, this missile is the real deal.

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Poland Government Confirms Nazi Gold Train Says Location Is Discovered Through Deathbed Confession

In a n interesting twist of events, Poland government just admitted the Nazi gold train’s existence after two treasure hunters said they knew the exact its location.

A few blog posts ago, we shared with you the story that two men, a German and a Pole, claimed to have found the secret location of the legendary Nazi gold train carrying gold and weapon in Walbrzych, Poland.

Many have been excited about this development, especially since many treasure hunters have been attempting to find the elusive train for many years since it allegedly went missing since World War II.

Some naysayers, on the other hand, remain skeptic about the entire matter, saying all of the recent news may just be hoax.

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This Boy was Run Over by a Jeepney. Who’s At Fault? The Driver or the Parents?

Should we always blame the drivers?

Reckless driving is a serious crime that has several inimical consequences. Many lives have been lost or have been affected due to negligent drivers.

In as much as I hate reckless drivers, we could not hastily blame all road accidents to the drivers.

Sometimes, accidents occur due to pedestrians who don’t know how to obey traffic rules. And it’s frustrating when they always blame the drivers instead of admitting their irresponsibility and ignorance.

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