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Live Streamer Lauded As Hero After Saving Asian Man From Mugger




  • A London live streamer managed to rescue an Asian man from a mugger.
  • He bravely approached the scene, repeatedly screaming “leave him alone.”
  • Netizens have since praised Sherwin, the live streamer, for stepping in.

A video recently went viral on social media after it showed a live streamer saving an Asian man from getting mugged. This happened in London and the video was posted last April 10, Saturday, on Reddit.

Apparently, the live streamer named Sherwin was in Central London near Leicester Square when he noticed the guy being attacked on the street. He immediately sprang into action without hesitation.

Not all heroes wear capes!

In the video, we can see the victim lying on the ground as the live streamer furiously screamed at the mugger to “leave him alone.” The crook even returns to attack some more but Sherwin did his best to ensure that no further harm would be done.

The Asian man pleaded for his rescuer to “call the police” – which he did right away as bystanders came closer to assist.

Everything was captured on film and the footage later gained viral fame online.

Netizens on Reddit couldn’t help but react on the video.

A user wrote:

“Thank god someone actually intervened and stayed with him, rather than ignore the poor guy.”

Another added:

“Big props to the streamer though, realizes what’s happening at a glance. Acts upon it immediately, and knows it in his mind he has to be loud and attract attention as much as possible so people come. I don’t think there’s even something he could’ve done better to help that guy there.”

A commenter likewise pointed out:

“I can’t believe the thief tried to come back TWICE. Even after he saw he was on camera and the police was being dialed.”

You can watch the full video here:
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