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Man Suspected Of Drunk Driving Fails Breathalyzer Test After Eating Durian





Durian is infamous for being the stinkiest fruit in the world, but apparently, it can also make you fail a breathalyzer test. One man who ate durian before driving learned it the hard way.

A Chinese man was captured on video desperately trying to prove he was sober after he was pulled over by the police for suspected drunk driving. Despite claiming he did not consume any alcohol that night, he was surprised to find out that he failed his breathalyzer test.

The man from Rudong county in the eastern province of Jiangsu was shown in the April 17 clip pleading with police officers.

“I’ve just been eating durian fruit,” he told the cops. While that sounded like one of the lamest excuses the officers have ever heard, it turns out he was telling the truth.

A subsequent blood test showed that there was no alcohol in the man’s system, clearing the man of any wrongdoing but positioning the fruit for a whole lot of blame.

Curious, the police department later carried out an experiment of their own.

In a Pear Video filmed on April 29, police officer Yu Pengxiang is seen taking a breathalyzer test after eating some of the stinky fruit.

Officer Yu recorded an alcohol level of 36mg. per 100ml. of blood, which is almost double China’s legal blood-alcohol concentration limit for driving of 20mg per 100ml of blood. Three minutes later, the officer repeated the breathalyzer test and a negative reading was shown.

In the Pear Video clip, viewers were also warned against other kinds of products that could result in a positive breathalyzer result, such as mouthwash and lychee.

After learning that the suspected drunk driver was telling the truth, netizens were not happy with how the police quickly judged the man. In fact, they even want the authorities to apologize to him.

Watch the video here:

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