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Crappy Day for A Man Who Drops Phone Into Toilet, Reaches to Retrieve It And Gets Stuck





If you can’t seem to let go of your phone while doing your business, may this story serve as a warning.

A man from Zhejiang in China, who apparently finds the need to use his phone while using the loo, experienced what most would say a shitty day after his phone accidentally slipped into the toilet.

Of course, he was willing to do everything to save his phone.

It was a crappy day for this Zhejiang man who accidentally dropped his mobile phone into a squat toilet bowl.


Photo credit: NetEase

The unidentified guy was not willing to give up that easily and reached down in the hopes of retrieving his precious gadget. Unfortunately, his effort to save his phone put him in a dangerous situation as his arm got stuck in the squat toilet bowl.

His whole arm got stuck in the loo after he attempted to retrieve his device.


Photo credit: NetEase
It took firefighters and sewage workers more than an hour to get him out of the toilet bowl.


Photo credit: NetEase

However, it was not determined whether the man actually retrieved his phone back or not. We’re certainly hoping for the best.

Still no news whether he actually retrieved his phone or not.


Photo credit: NetEase


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