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Chinese Girl Got Stuck in a Storm Drain While Texting And Walking

She admitted that she was texting her friend while walking. When she fell, people rushed to help but they just couldn’t free her!


Authorities have warned the public to refrain from texting while driving. It may seem like a harmless practice at first but it may result in fatal accidents and deaths. Now, people should also be warned against texting while WALKING, as it may also cause accidents and, for the case of the Chinese girl we are about to feature, severe embarrassment.

In Mianyang City located at the southwest China’s Sichuan Province, a girl admitted to texting a friend while walking. As she was engrossed with her mobile phone, she did not notice a storm drain along her way. Her entire leg fell to the very narrow drain rails.

People came to help but no one could successfully pull the girl out of the metal rails.


Photo credit: Australscope/CEN
The fire department came to the rescue and the girl was finally freed after 45 minutes!


Photo credit: Australscope/CEN

“We managed to remove the bars and quickly freed her once we arrived at the scene,” says Ming Lai, fire brigade spokesperson. “Her leg was a bit scratched and bruised and numb from being squeezed through the bars, but she quickly recovered and not need hospital treatment.”


Woman’s Epic Transformation Shows You the Real ‘Power of Makeup’!

She applies full makeup on one side of her face and left the other untouched. Witness how her face transformed!

Applying cosmetics is like a form of art. Your face is a plain canvas that can transform into a stunning masterpiece with every stroke of the brush. With the right amount and mixture of color, it will enhance your beautiful features and there's definitely no shame in that!

Although some people think that women put on makeup because they're insecure and they want to hide their flaws or imperfections, what they don't know is that women do it because it's fun and it can boost a woman's (or a man's) self-esteem. It's a form of expression, and we are free to express ourselves.

Whatever their reasons are, no one has the right to judge or degrade a woman for wanting to look her best. In fact, they deserve commendation for their talent because it requires great skill to perfectly apply makeup. Imagine a life without highly talented makeup artists?

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Fake Marine Busted For Stolen Valor After a Retiree Spotted Him at a Graduation Ceremony

A man dons on a Marine Corps uniform at the graduation of his new girlfriend’s son. Trying to impress?

Army, Air Force and Marine uniforms, amongst many others, are testaments to the unconditional love that our modern-day heroes have for the country. They train hard, travel far and sacrifice themselves for the good of the nation. Donning on their great uniform is more than a sign of prestige, it is a symbol of the noble things they've done. It takes sweat, blood and genuine patriotism to deserve the honor of wearing those uniforms.

But in this video we found online, a distasteful man proudly wears a Marines Corps uniform at the graduation of his new girlfriend's son at Noblesville High School in Noblseville, Indiana. Good thing, a retired marine named Brandyn Skaggs, was present at that time and he spotted in an instant how wrongfully the man was donning the suit.

“I just immediately knew, it didn’t take long to know he was a fake and it wouldn’t take any Marine longer than five seconds to know that was a fake,” Skaggs told ABC. “You can see the medals are misplaced right there, misplaced all over the place, first of all he has two of the same medal right there.”

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Boyfriend Dressed Up As His Girlfriend So He Could Help Her Pass A Test

Oh, the craziness of young love!

Love has the intense ability to make us do crazy things. We've heard of Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, and Lancelot and Guinevere, but their stories are things of the past and it is hard to find a love like theirs in today's fleeting world. But recently in Kazakhstan, a 20-year-old university student proved that his love for his 17-year-old girlfriend may be compared to other great love stories, in terms of doing the extraordinary.

The girlfriend, whose name was not revealed, was very anxious about her upcoming Unified National Testing, which is an examination given to students so they could enter universities. The boyfriend, Ayan Zhademov, was willing to help in all ways possible so he decided to don a long, black wig, put on a little makeup and squeeze himself in a tiny white shirt and gray skirt, as he impersonated his girlfriend and sat in the exam room hoping to pass the test for his beloved.

The proctors noticed that something was strange about him so they called him out to investigate. When Ayan spoke, the examiners knew he was a man.

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