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Disturbing Footages Reveal People Spitting on Elevator Buttons in China Amid Covid-19 Outbreak




  • Several videos have gone viral online showing us that some people in China are deliberately spreading virus by spitting on elevator buttons.
  • The good news is that some of those who committed such irresponsible acts have been arrested by authorities.

With coronavirus (COVD-19) infecting thousands in China, authorities are constantly reminding the public to observe safety precautions so as not to catch the viral disease. Unfortunately, there are some inconsiderate people out there who are doing the exact opposite – they’re deliberately spreading the virus so others can get sick as well.

This has been seen in several disturbing videos that recently went viral on social media. First off, we’ve seen a lady in Wuhan, deliberately spitting on a doorknob in an area where more than 30 people have been confirmed infected by coronavirus. The disgusting act was later reported by a resident to the local authorities.

Another woman has been caught on camera spitting and coughing on elevator buttons.

As with the first case, this incident also happened in Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, and an unnamed woman has been spotted using the complimentary tissue on the lift. The problem? She later placed the used tissue back in the pack. And then we see her spitting and coughing on the buttons while she was alone in the elevator.

Eventually, the woman left perhaps thinking she got away with the bad deed but fortunately, she got arrested for what she did.

You can check out the video here:

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As if that wasn’t enough, a group of four – presumably a family – in the province of Guangxi likewise tried spreading the virus in the same manner.

Watch the video below and see or yourself:

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With reports such as these, we all should really exercise extreme caution, especially when we’re in public spaces. As they always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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