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UV Light Shows How Far Men’s Urine Spreads When They Pee Standing Up




  • QS Supplies performed a bathroom experiment using UV light florescent liquid to simulate and observe the splashback of men’s urine when they pee standing.
  • The result tells us wee can spread as much as 36 inches.

Many of us would likely agree that the bathroom’s probably the dirtiest room in the house. Besides, it’s there we relieve ourselves of bodily wastes, right?

Well a recent research is also telling us that it’s the male users who cause the most mess in the toilet. QS Supplies came up with this conclusion after using ultraviolet light and mechanical urethra, florescent liquid in an attempt to see how far urine spreads when a guy does his thing. 1,019 individuals were also surveyed to learn about their habits, personal preferences, and opinions when it comes to toilet use.

Men’s pee can spread as far as 36 inches, according to an experiment conducted by QS Supplies.

Sounds a bit disgusting, don’t you think? Well wait until you consider the fact that 1 in 4 individuals keep their toothbrush only about 36 inches from the toilet.

So yeah, some of us may have been brushing with a bit of urine all this time.

The research further tells us that 69% of men stand when they pee while only 31% of them aim”at the rear wall of the toilet,” believing it decreases mess. This, however, is not the case, according to QS Supplies, as it causes more splashback compared with other, well, “aiming techniques.”

Each simulation proved that “peeing while standing covers the toilet and surrounding area with splashback that usually remains unseen,” the online bathroom warehouse’ official website said.

The dirty truth about men and standing while peeing.

Not surprisingly, 1 out of 3 men say they think it’s actually ‘unmanly’ to pee while sitting.

Watch the video here:

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Would some of us, men, seriously consider peeing while sitting in the toilet after learning about this? Hit us up in the comment section, guys!

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