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6 Strange Public Restrooms That Might Make You Think Twice Before Using Them





Nowadays, people have been more creative than ever. Even the most mundane of public places can get an unexpected makeover.

Just take a peak at these weird and crazy public bathrooms around the world. If you are adventurous enough, come, sit and flush at these strangest bathrooms ever!

#1. Take a poop in a busy street

Source: Cracked

Source: Cracked

In London, there is a public restroom made of glass. Well, that glass is one way. People outside can only see a mirrored box but can’t actually see who’s inside.

#2. Japan’s video game toilet

Source: Cracked

Sega created a unique contribution to today’s current gaming system, and that is the Sega Toylet. These “Toylets” have sensors at the urinal base measuring the force and impact of your pee, allowing you to play the game.

#3. Giant egg comfort rooms

Source: Cracked

You can find the weird looking toilet eggs at an award-winning bar and restaurant in London called the Sketch. Eerie music plays inside the giant egg bathrooms while you do your business. Whether that sound is intended to make you feel at ease or not, it’s just plain creepy.

#4. New York’s automatic public restroom

Source: Cracked

Unlike other public bathrooms, you can use the automatic bathroom for only 15 minutes. A warning sound goes off when there are three minutes left from the allotted time, and if you’re done early, you get three strips of tissue paper for cleaning up. Whether you finish or not, doors automatically open up. Good luck with that!

#5. Pop up urinals in London

Source: Cracked

During the daytime, these toilets are nowhere to be found. However, when the sun is down, it pops up from the ground for party goers to use.

#6. 30-story drop urinal

Source: Cracked

Source: Cracked

A fancy restaurant in Hong Kong gives guests a great view of the city, but it doesn’t just stop there. Inside their bathroom, urinals stand against a 30-story pavement below. Will you be able to empty your bladder with that height?

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