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Man Peels A Whole Coconut in Less Than 13 Seconds Using Only His Teeth





No matter what age we are, we should always take care of our teeth. Proper oral care helps us protect our teeth from cavities, weakening and gum diseases.

Did you ever ask yourself how strong are your teeth? The crown of our teeth is covered with enamel, and this protects the inner part of our teeth from damages.

Enamel is the hardest part in the body; it is even harder than our bones.
Beneath the enamel, a substance can be found called Dentin. Dentin is as hard as our bones and it protects the pulp of our teeth.

Our teeth help us chew our food and bite properly, but how strong can our teeth be? Our teeth can be chipped, cracked or broken but it requires strong force for it to happen. There are recent studies that say human teeth are as strong as shark’s teeth. Can you believe it? Perhaps you are thinking can we use our teeth to open things or peel hard objects without damaging it?

This guy can peel off a whole coconut with his teeth at incredible speed!

a man can crack open a coconut using his teeth.

Source: youtube

A video of a man peeling a coconut using his teeth is going viral. We know how hard a coconut is, we use sharp knife to open it. We can’t just open it with bare hands or by teeth but this man shows that it’s possible to open a coconut using his teeth. He was able to open it quickly without being in pain.

Watch Video Here:

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Despite the fact that our teeth are very hard and strong, we should still take good care of it and refrain from force or practices that may weaken them. It’s important that we protect and save our teeth from cavities and falling out.

It is such a skill that he was able to peel the coconut using his teeth! It’s amazing! Not everybody can do that!

What can you say about this man? Do you know someone who can do this too? Share us your thoughts about this incredible man!


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