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Woman Brushes Teeth With Charcoal For 7 Days And Here’s The Outcome





Many of us fail to recognize the role of good oral health as an important factor for our overall wellness. The simple task of brushing the teeth can prevent many serious diseases but with the lifestyle we maintain, we oftentimes forget to do such simple task.

Since we were young, we were already taught that toothpaste is best in cleaning the teeth. But apparently, there are alternatives out there that might be better than toothpaste.

A woman skipped the use of mint-flavored toothpaste to try the effects of activated charcoal. Kate Taylor used to brush her teeth twice a day with a toothpaste that promises “advanced whitening.”

Only a few people probably know that activated charcoal can be used in brushing the teeth.

Source: littlethings

But like any other products, toothpastes are not loyal to their promise to give users sparkling, pearly white teeth. She then heard about how activated charcoal can help whiten and remove stains on the teeth. She was later assigned to do an experiment and to find out if this is just another claim only good for commercials.

Activated charcoal is combined by some with toothpaste to achieve whiter teeth more effectively.

Source: littlethings

But what is an activated charcoal? What is in it that can whiten your teeth? Well technically, it is a form of carbon that has been processed to make the substance extremely porous for absorption and chemical reactions. As it is highly absorbent, the activated carbon has been used in water filtration systems. For years, it has even been used to absorb poisonous substances from the stomach.

This is how Kate’s teeth looked like before she started her experiment on activated charcoal.

Source: littlethings

Kate got a dietary supplement that claims to “quickly relieve gas and bloating.” As already mentioned, it has an absorbent quality that is supposed to also help remove stains off the teeth.

There are already specially-made toothpastes that can be infused with activated charcoal to whiten the teeth. However, Kate made her DIY solution to come up with her very own charcoal toothpaste.

She used a bottle of charcoal capsules. By wetting the toothbrush, she carefully pull the capsule apart and sprinkled the contents onto the bristles and do the regular routine of brushing the teeth for two minutes. When you try this, you will have to rinse your mouth more than the usual to completely wash out the black residue.

From day 1 to day 7, let us look at how Kate’s teeth became whiter:

Day1: Kate started the experiment on a Monday night with no idea what to expect.

Source: littlethings
Day 2: Kate continued with the messy experiment but had no choice but to get used to it.

Source: littlethings
Day 3: Kate was already used to her new routine and brushes after her meals using activated charcoal.

Source: littlethings
Day 4: Kate was hoping that there would already be some progress.

Source: littlethings
On her fourth day, Kate said she still could not notice any changes on her teeth.

Source: littlethings
Day 5: Kate says she already misses using the regular toothpaste as brushing with activated charcoal could be really complicated.

Source: littlething
Kate finally perfected the art of brushing with activated charcoal and appreciates the fact she could make her sink cleaner.

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Day 6: Kate shared how she experienced some nasty things when she failed to rinse her mouth enough.

Source: littlethings
Day 7: Kate was hoping to see a big change on her teeth but failed to achieve her goal.

Source: littlethings

When Kate started the experiment, she was aiming to come up with a Before and After photo that would show the big difference of using toothpaste and activated charcoal through her whiter teeth. However, the results came real slow. However, she admitted that she was aware that this experiment could take some time to achieve the purpose.

To conclude, Kate hoped her teeth would undergo a dazzling transformation, but wasn’t that disappointed when she failed.

Source: littlethings

Although she did not get the whiter teeth she desires, Kate admits that her mouth feels cleaner. She also said that the charcoal neutralized her breath more than she thought it would. Kate was also pleased to learn about the alternatives to using toothpaste. And when asked if she would recommend using activated charcoal, she wrote on Little Things:

“I’m not going to kiss toothpaste goodbye forever, but I would recommend trying charcoal to anyone curious who might want to go half a shade lighter without investing in pricey whitening strips.”

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