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Guy Invents Fire Resistant Coconut Husk Pallets to Replace Wood

The new pallets are lightweight, sturdy, and absolutely affordable!

  • A man has found an excellent use for coconut husks, which are usually discarded.
  • The young inventor worked with a scientist to recycle the husks into fire-resistant pallets.
  • These lightweight and sturdy pallets could soon change the way houses are built around Asia.

Creative people are always trying to find ways to save the environment and use fewer trees in construction. Amazingly, a Dutch start-up has found an awesome way to use available resources that can truly help the environment. They have started using recycled coconut husks to create fire-resistant pallets that work better than wood itself.

Michiel Vos is the founder of CocoPallet, the start-up that found a different use for coconut husks. Vos got the idea from Jan Van Dam, a plant scientist at Wageningen University, who discovered that coconut husks can be used as an alternative for wood.

Vos started CocoPallet to find an amazing alternative for wood.

According to Van Dam, he got the idea from an Indonesian man who had used coconut bark to create something similar to hardwood. Unfortunately, his original plan didn’t work too well until he began working with Vos, who thought of using coconut husks instead. This time, it worked and CocoPallet was born.

Vos explained that CocoPallet aims to make the fire-resistant pallets available in Asia where coconut husks are always available.

“CocoPallets have important advantages: they are stronger and lighter than the old-fashioned pallets, they are fire retardant, and thanks to an adjusted design, also easier to stack, so they take up less space. Above all, they are cheaper, and a lower price is always the best sales argument for a sustainable product,” Vos said.

Workers with the recycled coconut husks.

The fire-resistant pallets are certainly an excellent option for construction and could be the next big thing in building houses around Asia.

You can learn more about CocoPallet in the video below:

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