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Man Fakes Own Kidnapping To Get Money From His Parents

A man tries to extort money from his parents by faking his own kidnapping!

Rej Salvador





Getting money is one of the problems of the youth nowadays. They need cash to go out with their friends, to party, or to just simply enjoy life. A lack of money cause children, especially those who do not work yet,to complain a lot about not having enough pocket money.

Most of the time, they complain to their parents. However, someone has gone to incredible heights just to get money from his parents – by faking his own kidnapping.

A man from Cartagena, south eastern Spain, has been reported to have faked his own kidnapping to get money from his parents. The unnamed Spaniard, who was said to be in his 20s, was reported missing on August 25th. His “kidnappers” contacted the man’s family and informed them that they have their son.


The regional office of Spain’s National Guiard were told how the man’s “kidnappers” made contact with the family. They asked for ransom in exchange of their son’s life. The kidnappers issued certain ultimatums and said they would chop off his liegs and told them that they will kill him if they did not give them ransom money.

As reported by La Informacion, a Spanish newspaper, that aside from threatening the family, the “kidnappers” knew remarkably a lot about the family’s personal wealth, assets, and properties.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Once the police forces started their investigation of his disappearance, The unnamed man quickly reappeared at the family’s home and said that he was safe and unharmed. This caused the doubt of the police. They became suspicious and dug deeper into the investigation. They discovered that the man’s kidnapper was the owner of a local poker hall, who was allegedly in on the extortion of the family.

The son was placed under questionning and eventually confessed that it was all an act of extortion, of trying to get money from his parents. Both the son and the poker club owner have been arrested. They are currently awaiting charges.

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This Child Lies Naked and Helpless on a Stairway Yet No One Bothers to Help

My heart just broke for this child. Is this how indifferent and uncaring we’ve become?

Ann Nuñez



Things like this make me lose my faith in humanity.

Children are God's precious gifts to us and they should be loved, taken cared of, and taught well. They should be given a nurturing and caring home, and supportive parents who will be there for them every step of the way. They should not be left lying in the streets naked, hungry, alone, and forced to fend for themselves. Not like this series of pitiful photos of a child in Manila, taken by a concerned Facebook user.


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Mysterious Beach Formations Baffle Scientists 

These are stunningly beautiful formations…

Mini Malabanan



For years, scientists were unable to explain how beach cusps are formed.

These beautiful yet mysterious regularly spaced, crescentic formations usually appear during or after storms. While those who believe in extra-terrestrial life may attribute these beautiful shoreline formations to aliens, there are two existing theories on how they are formed.

The ‘standing edge’ theory claims that the interaction between the normal waves approaching the shore and the edge waves gives rise to regularly-spaced points of different wave intensity. Meanwhile, the self-organisation theory explains that beach cusps are products of interactions among wave, current, as well as sand over time that result to feedback loops.

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Toddler Devastated After Dad Disapproved Her Relationship With Football Star Boyfriend

After finding out from her dad that she is not yet allowed to have a boyfriend, 2-year-old Kennedy can’t help but cry in distraught!

Inah Garcia



Kids say the darndest things and when it comes to love, they can get straightforward like that. Take Kennedy Kirkland for example, she is a two-year-old girl from Alabama, who was caught in a video wailing over her father's disapproval of her 'boyfriend.'

In the video, Kennedy declared that she has a boyfriend named Jared. She thought it was time to tell her parents about her unrequited love. However, her dad said she is not allowed to have a boyfriend, which instantly broke her heart and (tear ducts), as she cries in distraught.

Jared, the apple of Kennedy's eyes, is her uncle's roommate, Chelsea, the toddler's mom told ABC News.

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