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Lost Pet Pig Turned To Dinner By Neighbor Who Promised To Look After Her

Do you have bad neighbors like this guy?


A family in California was looking for their 400-lb. pet pig Princess after it went missing, only to realize that it got slaughtered by their neighbor. Since most lost pets are usually recovered by authorities, Carrie Hogan and her family probably didn’t think that they will never see Princess ever again.

Carrie shared that Princess got out from her pen and wandered away from her mother’s house in Arcata last month. Princess was eventually spotted in a neighbor’s yard. Since it has no identifying tags, an Arcata Police Department officer was called to the scene to figure out what to do with the lost pet. The officer told the man to keep an eye on the pig while he sorts things out and finds its owner. Unfortunately, the mad had a different idea.

After contacting the owners of the pig, the APD officer returned to where Princess was found and discovered that the man decided to turn the pig into dinner.

APD Chief Brian Ahern was dismayed, saying:

“We were totally shocked and surprised to learn that the pig had been slaughtered. There was no reason to believe that that individual was going to do that.”

Carrie and her family raised Princess since she was a piglet, so they were horrified after learning their beloved pet’s fate.

Carrie said that although she’s a supporter of law enforcement, she’s upset with how the officer handled the situation, noting that “He took it upon himself to give my animal away and then it got butchered.”

While they completely understand Carrie’s feelings, the Arcata Police Department stood by the officer’s decision.

Carrie shared that her mom confronted the man while he was still cutting up their pet, but he told her that she had “no right to be on this property.” All the family wanted now is to retrieve the meat of Princess, not to eat the pig, but to make sure that no one else will either.


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