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Meet Jester, A Rabbit So Huge He Has His Own Bedroom




  • Jester, a huge Continental Giant bunny, recently made headlines after catching the attention of netizens everywhere.
  • According to pet owner Lyn Hobson, the rabbit weighs 20 pounds and has his own bedroom.
  • Lyn is also hoping her pet would gained fame in the modeling industry.

One look at Jester and anyone can easily tell he is no ordinary bunny. Besides, he’s just so massive! Apparently, this 18-month-old Continental Giant rabbit weighs 20 lbs.

On top of that, he is now starting to make a name for himself in the world of modeling after being in the cover of not one, but two books recently.

Jester’s owner, Lyn Hobson, said that her pet even has his own bedroom in the house and she treats the rabbit like her own child. In fact, he’s “spoiled rotten.”

As the 60-year-old woman from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire shared:

“Jester is the best pet anyone could wish for. His character is absolutely lovely, he’s very loving, calm and well-behaved. I love him so much and so spoil him rotten, he’s like a child to me really.

“Everything that I do he follows me along, whether it’s watching television or doing the washing up. He’s very sociable.”

His favorite thing to watch on the TV? According to Lyn, Jester is a big fan of British dance competition show Strictly Come Dancing.

Jester has appeared in the front covers of an educational book and a children’s storybook, both written by author Eva M. Wells.

Lyn has since signed her pet on a website in the hopes of finding more modeling gigs in the near future.

“He’s unexpectedly a bit of a celebrity in the rabbit world after all this,” said Lyn. “Hopefully he can do a bit more modelling work next year, especially around Easter, that could be quite busy I think.”

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