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Lost Dog Stays In Same Spot for 4 Years Until His Owners Found Him Again





We all love dogs but it’s probably safe to say that most of us do not truly comprehend how much they love us back. Case in point, one dog from Thailand has made headlines across the world because of his touching story.

According to reports, Leo’s owners were totally unaware that they unintentionally left the poor dog near a gas station about four years ago. Despite the passage of time, however, the loyal pet stayed at the place and waited for his owners to come back.

People who saw the animal did their best to help him – but he was determined to wait for his family.

For example, Saowalak, 45, often fed Leo and even took him home but he would often escape and return on his spot. So she just brought food for him as often as she can.

Meanwhile, Anuchit Unchareon took it upon himself to post about Leo in social media in the hopes of finding his owners. He shared photos of the poor pooch and mentioned he’s been waiting for his family for four years now.

Anuchit’s post eventually went viral and fortunately, it reached Leo’s owners.

They immediately got in touch with Anuchit and told him the dog looks exactly like their own BonBon – the one they lost back in 2015. They shared how they tried really hard to find the animal but had no luck.

Eventually, the family set a date for their much-awaited reunion with BonBon and while he was obviously glad to see them, everyone was surprised when he refused to go home with them.

It’s a plot twist that no one expected but was ultimately for the dog’s good.

As it appears, the pooch instead wanted to stay with Saowalak, perhaps because she’s been so good to him through the years. The family decided to support the decision and even expressed their willingness to help pay for the dog’s medical needs.

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