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Little Girl Mistakes a Bearded Shopper for Santa… And He Gamely Plays Along!





During the Christmas season, you can definitely see lots of old bearded guys in Santa suits walking along the streets or commanding an audience of kids at the mall. More often than not, these jolly-looking guys are paid to don the suit and entertain children, so they happily play the role for the kids’ sake.

But what about those who are just minding their own errands and suddenly get mistaken for good ‘ol Santa? This bearded man named Roger got approached by an adorable little girl named Sophie, who honestly thought he was Saint Nick and to her parents’ delight, he played along and indulged her.

“I’ve been told you’ve been a good girl this year,” he told the cute and innocent girl.

They even talked about giving cookies to the reindeers, especially Rudolph.

Watch this heartwarming video and see how old Roger became a great sport!

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The sweet fella deserves a bear hug after being so nice to the little girl!

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