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Some People Believe Santa Should Now Be Female Or Gender Neutral

Are you open to a female Santa?






When we talk about Santa, we immediately think about an old bearded man, wearing a red and white suit. He passed through the chimney to send out our gifts, and take a bite or two of the cookies we left for him and drink the milk. This is what we have in mind every time we think about Father Christmas. But now people are thinking if Santa should be female or gender neutral.

It was first suggested that Santa should be female after two women volunteered to play Santa as part of a festive tour in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham. However, a lot of people were not impressed by this idea.

Labor Councillor Arun Chandran said what most people were thinking about a female or gender neutral Santa.

“There is no shortage of male volunteers to act as Santa Claus, so we should not permit a female volunteer to perform the role. My understanding is that Santa Claus, otherwise called Father Christmas, is a male role.”

Controversial host Piers Morgan also shared a piece of his mind regarding the matter.

“Father Christmas, as his name suggests, is male. Father Christmas, for all of time, has been Father Christmas. He’s called Father Christmas! The world’s gone nuts.”

GraphicSprings, a logo design company, made a survey about giving Santa a modern look. They then asked about 400 participants from the United States and the United Kingdom about what they think about it.

Twenty-seven percent of people interviewed said that he should be rebranded as female or as gender neutral. Nineteen percent of participants said that he should be identified as neither male or female. Over ten percent said that a woman should fill his role.

While most people would rather stick to the original idea of a male Santa Claus, others were saying that a female Santa is not a bad idea.

Well, what do you think, folks?

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Pastor Defends $200K Lamborghini Anniversary Gift To Wife

“God helped me to make my wife’s dream come true. Why not? She’s made mine come true!”




A well-known pastor who currently serves at a megachurch in Greenville, South Carolina is defending his lavish anniversary gift to his wife. John Gray, the same pastor who drew praise from around the world for giving tithes directly from the collection plate to veterans, single parents and widows, has gotten a lot of backlashes after he gave his spouse a $200,000 Lamborghini.

John, who leads Relentless Church and is an associate pastor at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, quickly went viral when a video showed him giving a very expensive gift to his wife Aventer Gray. He got the idea for the gift after seeing a presentation at a hotel.

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4 Stray Dogs Follow Homeless Man Admitted To Hospital, Patiently Wait For His Recovery

Man’s (four) best friends, indeed.

Nobelle Borines



Some friendships are just too precious for this world. A homeless man was recently admitted to the hospital for a pre-existing illness. Interestingly, he wasn't alone. Soon, the hospital staff discovered that four stray dogs had followed the man to the medical center and were anxious about their friend.

The incident happened at Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Santa Catarina, Brazil. A homeless man named César was brought to the hospital for immediate treatment. Although he lived in the streets, it became clear that César had several friends who were concerned about his wellbeing. The staff found the four stray dogs waiting by the hospital door and looking very worried about their companion.

These stray dogs are concerned for their friend who has been taken away.

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That “Dance Off” proposal made me tear up!

Mark Andrew



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To give you an idea of what we mean, you can go check out the awesome collection below. These creative gentlemen took the most unconventional ways of proposing to surprise and delight their future spouses - and man, their efforts definitely paid off well for them.

#1. Permanent Proposal

For Vinnie Capaldo-Smith's proposal, he asked his tattoo artist girlfriend Brooke Wodark to ink his leg. During the session, he pulled his shorts up to reveal another tattoo that says "Will you marry me?" complete with the Yes or No options. Fortunately for him, Brooke marked the Yes box. Watch the heartwarming video above!

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