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Couple Who Mistakenly Get Thousands Of Santa Letters Have Replied To Every One For 10 Years




  • In 2010, couple Jim Glaub and Dylan Parker started getting hundreds of letters for Santa Claus in their New York apartment.
  • Friends eventually volunteered to help fulfill the wishes of children who wrote.
  • The non-profit Miracle on 22nd Street was later established to enlist more helpers and make more Christmas wishes come true.

A couple from New York has made headlines after sharing how they’ve made Christmas happier for thousands of children over the years. According to reports, 40-year-old Jim Glaub and 39-year-old Dylan Parker started receiving letters for Santa Claus in their West 22nd Street, Manhattan apartment back in 2010.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, the pair revealed that they have been warned about getting the letters before moving into the apartment. The previous occupants said they should expect to receive some mail during the Christmas season but much to their surprise, they actually received hundreds that year.

Jim said:

“In 2010 we got one letter that came in, then a couple more. By the end of November we were at hundreds. In December it was over 400 – it was quite alarming.”

What seemed like an initial annoyance eventually turned into something heartwarming as the couple began opening the letters and found out about the requests of needy children. Some were asking Santa for Christmas food while others simply wanted blankets.

This child asked for toys and diapers for a baby brother.
Another wanted Santa to remember “the homeless man under the bridge.”

When the couple threw a Christmas party in their place, visitors noticed the stack of letters and immediately expressed their desire to help.

“I told them the story and organically, people said, ‘I’ll take a letter! I’ll take a letter!’ It just sort of snapped, and I thought, ‘Oh we’re going to get people to fulfill these. People wanted to help,’ reflected Jim.

The couple then started a non-profit organization called Miracle on 22nd Street and have since replied to more than 2,000 letters over the last 10 years. And while Jim and Dylan only lived 2 years there and have since moved to the UK, the apartment’s current occupants are still helping them sort the letters out each year.

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Now they’re planning to continue the tradition and expand the program by fulfilling wishes of poor children in the UK.

Interested donors who want to learn more may visit the official website of Miracle on 22nd Street.

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