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10 Things Hotel Staff Secretly Judge You For





If you go for a vacation or business travels, you most of the time stay at a hotel. Since a lot of hotels don’t come cheap, you expect your stay to be as pleasant as possible.

And just like you, the staff also take notice of their guests’ behavior. Here are ten things that hotel staff are secretly judging you for.

1. How you arrived.

If you were dropped off by a personal driver, chances are you will be treated differently from those who arrived in an Uber or drove their own cars, especially if it’s an older model.

2. If you valet park or not.

Source: abm

Staff would see those who used the valet parking as someone who wouldn’t mind spending money on anything. They feel that these guests could also be better tippers than the rest since they don’t care about splurging on the valet fees.

3. Your outfit.

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Even though we would love to believe that looks don’t matter, it actually does. Some hotel staff take note of your appearance when you arrived or booked your stay.

4. Your reaction upon arrival.

Source: tripadvisor

If you looked like you just saw something from your dreams, hotel staff couldn’t help but think that this might not be your norm and that you’re possibly a travel newbie.

5. If you’re taking the toiletries.

Toiletries are made available so guests won’t have to make any effort to bring their own. But some keep them as souvenirs, and staff are bright enough to know if you actually used or kept them in your bag. But that’s not the part when they judge you because they’re used to it. They will most definitely judge you if you pack unusual items to take home like robes and slippers.

6. When you ask for discounts and freebies.

Source: Smart Cars

While there is nothing wrong with asking for discounts or freebies, some guests get a little too pushy to claim these even if they are not available. Make no mistake that the staff is already judging you for this.

7. If you use the bellhop or not.

Just like in #2, staff see guests who use this service as bigger spenders than those who opt to carry their own stuff.

8. What you order from room service.

There is a huge price difference between a filet mignon and a cheeseburger. Staff will quickly make their assumptions about you based on what you eat.

9. How clean is your room.

We all tend to get a bit messy, especially when we know that we’re not responsible for cleaning the place. However, some guests are just a little bit too much – and that won’t go unnoticed.

10. If other guests complain about you.

Hotel staff are always busy doing their own thing, and they are not paid to stand outside your door. With that said, they don’t know what you’re doing during your whole stay. However, when other guests started to file complaints against you for being unruly, expect the staff to judge you for it.

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