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Kid Refuses To Move His Legs On A Subway, So Man Sits On Him





While most subway passengers are pretty considerate of one another, one kid thought that putting his legs up and not letting other people sit down was an acceptable thing.

It seems some children weren’t taught good manners by their parents — and so they have to learn them from complete strangers. Case in point, a young boy was riding the subway in New York City with his mother or guardian and felt that it was okay to take two seats for himself. One man was clearly unhappy with his action that he let him suffer the consequences.

On some trains, seats are not individually sectioned but rather with long benches. However, it is general knowledge that at least three people should fit on each bench.

If the boy was not aware of this, he was with an adult who could have supervised him and corrected his ways. But it seems that the woman was too busy listening to music.

Passengers were quite annoyed with the situation but while others may have muttered and moved on, one man was just not having it.

Isabel Kim took to Twitter to share a series of snaps of the incident. As expected, the post garnered a lot of attention with many praising the man for teaching the boy a lesson.

She captioned it:

“This lil a**hole wouldn’t move his legs for three adults, so this guy comes and just sits on his legs.”

Isabel also added a five-second clip, writing: “dunno if that’s his parent, but his guardian didn’t say or do sh*t until—“

Netizens lauded the man for putting the selfish boy in his place.

Some of the comments read:

“His only special need is that he needs a better mother.”

“I tend not to expect much in the way of parenting skills from someone in stretchy tiger print pants. She did not disappoint.”

Watch the video here:
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