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18 Cool Hotels That Would Make Anyone Want To Go Back





We travel to enjoy and experience the city, country, or island, so most of us are not really keen when it comes to the hotels that we’re staying in. However, some hotels have unique and cool designs and services that they became a huge part of the trip.

While some hotels opted for a more classic and standard approach, there are a couple that goes beyond the norm to make your stay more memorable. Here are 18 hotels that are so cool that anyone would love to go back.

1. A gun toilet brush.
2. When you first thought the room was taken.

3. “The vending machine at my hotel has Tide in it.”

4. Two rolls of toilet paper. One goes over, and the other goes under.

5.  This hotel used to be a bank and decided to keep the vault and turned it into a bar.

6. You can easily spot the Exit area whether you’re standing up or crawling down.

The guest said:

“My hotel also had exit signs near the floor, presumably for when you are crawling on the floor to avoid smoke inhalation during a fire.”

7. A tiny bathroom for kids inside a bathroom.

8. A very cute way to welcome customers.

9. Offers water temperature.

10. Labeled pillows.

11. Cute bathroom signs.

12. Room numbers on the floor.

13. Sewing kit.

14. Fantastic service, smart, with a good sense of humor.

The guest said:

“Last time I was in Las Vegas I ran out of towels. I told housekeeping that I would tip one dollar for every extra towel put in my room.”

15. You’ll always remember what day it is when you use the elevator.

16. “I requested a photo of James Earl Jones for my hotel room. five-star customer service!”

17. A special “little friend.”
18. This is actually bread.

There are so many cool stuff that you can find in hotels. Some are wild and others are subtle. The most important thing thing is that they are doing these efforts to make your stay better.

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