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Good Samaritan Pays for Hotel Rooms of 70 Homeless People During Freezing Weather

“All the folks there. Some wonderful citizen is going to put all of them up at a hotel for the rest of the week.”


In a world full of grim headlines, it’s always refreshing when we hear about stories that show the goodness of humanity. Such inspiring accounts move our spirits and prove to us that, yes, there are still a lot of kind people out there who are willing to go the extra mile to help others.

Case in point, a mysterious donor made the generous offer of paying for the hotel rooms of 70 homeless people to keep them safe and warm from Chicago’s freezing negative 22 degrees temperature.

According to reports, the homeless folks were from a camp in downtown Chicago. They were staying in makeshift tents and were using portable propane tanks for heating. Unfortunately, one of the tanks exploded and although none were injured, almost a hundred propane tanks were later confiscated by the authorities for being a safety risk.

Fire chief Walter Schroeder described the incident, saying:

“When we got there, the fire was extinguished and they found all these propane cylinders. That’s when we escalated it to a level 1 hazmat.

“There was a significant amount of propane there. And with that many cylinders, that’s like a bomb going off.”

The homeless were eventually moved to the Salvation Army’s Freedom Center located at 825 N. Christiana Ave. Shortly thereafter, however, they received a from city officials saying someone paid for hotel accommodations for them for the rest of the week.

As Salvation Army spokesperson Jacqueline Rachev confirmed:

“Isn’t that wonderful? At least they’re warm and they’re safe…

“All the folks there. Some wonderful citizen is going to put all of them up at a hotel for the rest of the week.”

In a Chicago Tribune report, we learn that Rachev “did not know the identity of the good Samaritan” and that she “only knew the hotel was on the South Side.”


Kind Teacher Helps Student Wearing Oversized Uniform Owned By Older Brother

The boy was also wearing shoes that were too big for him!

There is little doubt that all teachers are real-life heroes. However, one teacher went above and beyond his call of duty. The educator noticed that a student was wearing an oversized uniform as well as shoes that were too big for the child. When he found out that the uniform belonged to the boy's older brother, the instructor decided to help the kid.

Mohd Nasir Mohd Zain of Malaysia noticed that a Grade 3 student was having trouble with his uniform as he walked across the schoolyard. At close inspection, Zain realized that the uniform was way too big to belong to the small child. When the teacher asked about the clothes, the student admitted that it belonged to his older brother who was in sixth grade. The boy was also wearing shoes that were several sizes bigger than his own feet.

The boy was wearing baggy pants that would slide down when he walked.

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Woman Discovers Husband Was The Blood Donor Who Saved Her Life 11 Years Ago

Do you believe in destiny?

There are a lot of quotes stating that love is something unexpected. The love story of a Taiwanese couple is a perfect example of this.

A man named Lian, from Hsinchu, Taiwan, started donating blood when he was only 20 years old to help strangers. Lian whose sole purpose was to help those in need didn't expect that he will be saving the life of his future wife.

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Teen Meets Doctor Who Saved Her Life For Free When She Was A Sick Baby

Now she wants to become a doctor so she can continue paying it forward.

Some stories are truly just amazing. While a simple photo shared by a young girl on social media merely shows the teen with an older woman, its caption reveals that the woman was the doctor who once saved her life when she was a sickly little baby. Amazingly, the doctor performed an operation on the baby completely free of charge.

Arabelle Garciano from Tagbilaran City in Cebu, Philippines posted the picture on Twitter. It shows the high school student with Dr. Maribel Du, a pediatric surgeon from University of Cebu Medical Center. Garciano revealed that she was once a sick baby who happened to have a cyst on her chest. Although Garciano's mother didn't have any money, Dr. Du agreed to operate on the baby for free.

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