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Japanese Hotel Has Rooms With Constant Views of Cats and Options to Adopt

Who needs a sea view when you can watch adorable kittens playing?

  • A new hotel in Japan is offering one of the best views any animal lover would truly adore: a room full of frolicking cats.
  • The awesome hotel is right next door to a cat cafe so you can always get a view of the kittens.
  • You can even choose to adopt one of the kitties!

Looking for a cool place to stay in Japan while also having the option of seeing adorable cats? An awesome hotel in Osaka could be perfect for you. The hotel boasts of an adorable view of sweet felines playing in their own room. In addition to that, you can choose to adopt a kitten of your choice.

Neco Hatago is located in Shimanouchi in Osaka, Japan and it’s not like any other hotel you’ve ever heard of. It is located right beside a cat cafe so you can interact with the cute kitties. Amazingly, the hotel has rooms with a view of the cats instead of a city or sea view.

Who wouldn’t love this adorable view?

Getting to see the adorable kittens isn’t just the best thing about Neco Hatago. After all, the felines you will see in the cat cafe are all up for adoption. This means you can choose to adopt one of the cats and bring them home with you after the trip.

Neco Hatago is just one of the several projects of Neco Republic that is aimed an animal rescue. In addition to the hotel and cafe, they also have a cat spa where you can enjoy a relaxing time with the kittens.

Neco Hatago has all the standard facilities you would expect from a hotel but with the addition of having a truly delightful view. If you love cats and wish to spend your time in their company, Neco Hatago could be the best option for you on your next visit to Japan.


Adorable Senior Couple Went Backpacking To 40 Countries And Fell In Love All Over Again

Couple goals indeed!

  • An elderly couple decided to leave everything behind and travel around the world.
  • The couple, who are both over the age of 65, were inspired to travel after meeting a foreigner who visited China although they didn't speak Mandarin.
  • Since they set off on a backpacking trip, the adorable couple have visited 40 different countries around the globe.

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Japan’s Wind Phone Allows People To ‘Call’ Departed Loved Ones

The black phone allows people to “feel like their lost loved ones are there listening on the other end of the line.”

  • Japan's Wind Phone ("Kaze no Denwa" is not your ordinary phone booth.
  • The phone is actually disconnected but people use it to "speak" with departed loved ones.
  • For them, sending messages this way leads them to healing.

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9 Must-See Temples Near Siem Reap, Besides Angkor Wat

Which of these stunning temples have you visited or are planning to visit soon?

Cambodia’s Angkor Wat complex welcomes over two million visitors each year. And because of its increasing popularity, you should expect to be around fellow tourists, who will mostly try to get a good spot for an Instagram photo. 

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