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Pretty Girl Lost Her Purse On Night Out. She Later Got It Back With ‘Creepiest Note Ever’





Among young people, losing your purse or wallet during a night out really isn’t a very uncommon experience. It can really happen when you’re busy having fun with friends and/or all wasted.

In most cases, hoping to get it back is pointless and so you have to go make the needed calls to cancel your cards and request replacements instead. There are, however, some who get lucky and become exceptions to the rule.

For instance, this young woman in the story below.

Hayley Minn, a 25-year-old woman from London, lost her purse when she has drunk at a night out.

Source: Hayley Minn

Six weeks passed by and much to her surprise, she later received her purse in the mail. The catch here is that it came with a note that, in her own words, can only be described as the “creepiest ever”.

The missing purse had a note which Hayley said is the “creepiest” ever.

Source: Hayley Minn

The letter said:

“Dear Miss Hayley, How are you? Hoping you will be fine and well.

“I would like to inform you that I found your precious purse (looks like it) by Liverpool street (sic) station. Might you dropped it and looking for it.”

It sounds all polite, right? But things took a strange turn when Hayley continued reading:

Source: Hayley Minn

“My whole intentions to go inside your purse was to look for your address or anything which can help me to send this thing to you nothing else but I found some naughty stuff as well – don’t need to feel any embracement (sic) honestly I like those people who take extra care lol.”

In case you missed it, yes, that means condoms.

“Enjoy every single moment of your life and enjoy as much as you can because you never know what is going to happen next,” the note also said.

Source: Hayley Minn

The note even got weirder and weirder when it started giving out some reminders:

“Just a piece of advice kindly look after yourself and all your belongings when you go out or allow someone else because you are one of the beautiful person I ever seen (I am sure in real you are more beautiful as compare to your picture)

“I wish if I can take you out sometime and spend time but I am sure you will definitely have someone in your life who is taking care of you very well otherwise allow me lol 🙂

“Have a good weekend. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require anything or if you think I would be able to do anything for you.

“Enjoy every single moment of your life and enjoy as much as you can because you never know what is going to happen next :)”

The letter writer ended it by signing ‘Your Secret Friend or Admirer lol, Email Friend (if you don’t mind)’.

Creepy, right?

Ladies, how would you react if you received a note like this? Would you email the mysterious stalker or not? Hit us up with your ideas on the comment section.

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