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Despite Lockdown Measures, Hundreds Flock to UK Park To Go Sledging And Have Snowball Fights




  • Hundreds were spotted visiting Primrose Hill in London during a snowy day.
  • People gathered in the park for sledging and snowball fights despite the government’s order to observe lockdown protocols.
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has earlier mentioned that the new variant spotted in the UK may be deadlier by 30%.

With many areas in the United Kingdom getting some snow last week, photos went viral on social media showing hundreds of locals gathering in a public park to unwind. The problem here, however, is that lockdown restrictions are still in place – and many openly violated it.

The viral images were taken at London’s Primrose Hill and we see a lot of people sledging and having snowball fights. Quite obviously, social distancing was not observed.

Hundreds of people flocked to Primrose Hill in London, defying UK’s strict lockdown orders.

Park-goers were spotted enjoying the cold weather by sledging and even engaging in snowball fights. Unfortunately, they gathered in huge numbers and did not observe physical distancing.

As it appears, the problem is not exclusive to the area.

Authorities in London, Surrey, and Wiltshire have since urged citizens all over UK to comply since the virus is still out there .

Case in point, Surrey Police posted on Twitter:

“We are currently receiving lots of calls and reports relating to snowballs being thrown and people outside sledging.

“Enjoy the snow today but please don’t involve other people, particularly more vulnerable residents.

“Please stay safe and remember that Covid regulations do still apply.”

Wiltshire Police inspector Louis McCoy also said:

“I don’t want to be dealing with sledgers and snowball fights. There’s still a lockdown on. Think about it, don’t be tempted.”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has earlier warned that the new variant of the virus may be 30% deadlier so the public should continue to follow health protocols for their own safety.

Asked by the media about when Brits can expect to live normal lives again, the prime minister responded:

“Currently, the rate of infection is forbiddingly high, and I think we have to be realistic about that. I think we will have to live with coronavirus in one way or another for a long while to come. I think it is an open question as to when and in what way we can start to relax any of the measures. Obviously, we want to do everything we can to open up but only safely, only cautiously.”

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