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Nurses Test Positive Of COVID-19 After Wearing Bin Bags Due To PPE Shortage

The nurses’ safety and ability to care for patients is “being fundamentally compromised” by lack of PPEs.

  • Several nurses from New York and London reportedly tested positive of coronavirus or COVID-19 after wearing bin bags due to protective gears shortage.
  • Nurses from Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, England, posted a photo of themselves wearing waste bags on their heads, body, and feet, as they called on the authorities for proper masks, gowns, and gloves.
  • A nurse in Brooklyn Hospital, who wears white plastic garbage at work, has also admitted that she contracted the virus.

Remember the three nurses of Northwick Park Hospital who posted a photos of themselves wearing clinical waste bags on their heads, body, and feet while working? The three brave nurses have, unfortunately, tested positive of the dreaded coronavirus.

The nurses reportedly shared their photos in the hopes that their hospital will provide them with proper protective gears, such as masks, gowns, and gloves. Three weeks after the plea, however, all three of them contracted the COVID-19 virus – along with more than 50% of their colleagues assigned in one ward.

The Northwick Park Hospital has previously declared its hospital being under emergency state after an influx of infected patients in its critical care facility. Currently, the critical care beds remain overcrowded.

“We can confirm that a number of staff members working in our COVID-19 positive areas have tested positive for the coronavirus,” a spokesperson for the London North West University Healthcare NHS told Telegraph.

The spokesperson also said that this may be “unfortunate but not unexpected”, as it “corresponds with the experience of health-care workers across the world”.

United Kingdom health secretary Matt Hancock said there was “just 5.7%” of doctors who tested positive of the virus. A recent survey conducted by Royal College of Physicians (RCP) contradicted his statement, stressing that the figure may be around 14.6% of medical professionals falling ill from the virus.

“Our safety and ability to care for patients is being fundamentally compromised by the lack of adequate and correct supplies of vital personal protective equipment and the slow and small-scale roll-out of COVID-19 testing,” Royal College of Nursing’s chief executive and general secretary Dame Donna Kinnair said.

Kinnair also mentioned that nurses in London are still “being forced” to share their PPEs while working on the frontlines.

Meanwhile, Kay, who is a nurse in Brooklyn Hospital and requested anonymity, revealed that she and her other fellow nurses have contracted the virus after wearing white clinical waste bag as their protective gears while treating COVID-19 patients.

Aside from Kay, the nurses in Mount Sinai, New York, who posted their photo of themselves wearing black garbage bags have also contracted the coronavirus.

There is also an increase of fatalities among professional healthcare workers in Mount Sinai.

In New York City alone, 142,432 have been reported as confirmed coronavirus cases with 18,018 recoveries, and 10,977 deaths.

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China Is Asking US To Stop Blaming Them For Coronavirus

The country is also a “victim of the virus,not the culprit”, said a Chinese official.

  • A Chinese official told the United States to stop blaming China about the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Huang said China is also a "victim" not the "culprit."
  • Others, however, still believe the country has to be made accountable for many valid reasons.

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China Forced To Impose New Lockdown Amid Fears of “Devastating Second COVID-19 Wave”

The decision came after three doctors who showed no symptoms tested positive of the virus.

  • China has imposed lockdown measures again after receiving new cases of asymptomatic Chinese citizens falling ill from coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Central China's Jia county is now under lockdown once more.
  • Citizens visiting or leaving homes are required to show identity cards, wear protective masks, and submit to temperature checks.

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A Coronavirus Vaccine Could Be Ready by September, Says Oxford Scientists

Human trails is expected to start within weeks.

  • A team of researchers from Oxford University have said that a coronavirus vaccine may be available by September of this year.
  • The vaccine is expected to enter human trials within weeks.

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