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Man Spends Over £11,000 To Have Zombie-Like Appearance




  • Anderson Garcia Rodrigues, 31, loves getting body modifications.
  • He has covered his body in tattoos, he has cheek piercings, plus he even had his tongue split.
  • He believes he has become a “better person” as a result of his zombie-like appearance.

While other people are spending money to enhance their body, this guy is actually trying to modify his physical appearance so he can look like a zombie. And yes, he’s pretty serious about it!

Meet actor and model Anderson Garcia Rodrigues who has spent over £11,000 for tattoos and different body modifications. In a LadBible feature, we learn that the “punk activist” from the town of Camden in London obtained his first tattoo when he was merely 17 years old.

Now at 31, Anderson has managed to cover a large part of his body with skin art – including an eyeball.

He also has some cheek piercings plus he had his tongue split. On top of that, he rocks a mohawk to complete his look.

According to Anderson, he often gets a lot of stares in public while others stop him for photos. He doesn’t mind all the attention for the most part but occasionally, he carries a sign that says ‘help a punk to get drunk’, asking for a £1 donation from those who want a picture.

“I’ve always identified myself as someone who loves being alternative; whether that is liking alternative music or having an alternative appearance,” shared Anderson. “When I was a teenager, I had a group of friends who introduced me to the world of tattooing and piercings.”

His parents were initially hesitant but are supportive now.

“In the beginning, my parents didn’t like it and tried to stop me, but over time they got used to it and today they support me,” he reflected.

Haters gonna hate!

Anderson said:

“People call me ‘ugly’ and ‘crazy’ and ask if there’s something wrong with me because I have chosen to look the way I do. One person even said I ‘didn’t have god in my heart’, which was weird. “

Despite that, he has no plans of stopping with his modifications anytime soon. His favorite tattoos include that on his eyeball tattoo and his skeleton face. The most painful, he confessed, has been the tongue split.

“I believe that I have become a better person today because I am part of a world that most people never have an opportunity to know and probably wouldn’t want to know,” he explained.

You can go check him out on his Instagram page for more photos and updates.

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