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Influencer Who Wanted FIVE Free Meals From Restaurant Gets Trolled By Chefs




  • A UK influencer learned a lesson the hard way after two Four Legs restaurant chefs took matters into their own hands.
  • Apparently, the influencer was trying to get five free meals for “my bubble” and the chefs decided to play along.
  • The two chefs eventually ended up pointing the person to a local police station.

Is there anything more annoying than an entitled social media ‘influencer’? A restaurant in the UK decided to teach one of these folks a lesson by playing along when they were contacted and asked for some free food.

Four Legs, a pop-up restaurant in Islington, London, received a private message promising to give them social media exposure in exchange of – believe it or not – not one, not two but FIVE free meals.

The chefs readily agreed to the deal but what the influencer did not know was that they actually had something sinister in mind.

A takeaway in exchange of an Instagram stories advertisement?
The chefs only had one question… but then, the influencer wanted to get more food!
“That’s quite a lot of food.”
The influencer even went as far as promising more exposure for the restaurant. You can see they really wanted the free meals!
Much to their surprise, the chefs directed them to a police station.

Four Legs later posted screenshots of their exchanges on Instagram and it has since gone viral there. Understandably, many netizens praised the chefs for what they did.

One commenter called the chefs “absolute legends.” Another netizen also wrote “Love this! Thanks for exposing disgusting behavior.”

When the story went viral, it was revealed that chefs Ed McIlory and Jamie Allan were the masterminds behind the trolling. Meanwhile, several media outlets that shared the story made it a point to cover the name of the influencer to prevent a possible influx of hate comments and messages directed towards the person.

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