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Handsome Goat Captures Netizens’ Hearts For Looking Like A K-Pop Idol

How is this goat prettier than me?!

  • A farmer from Malaysia shared some photos of his ‘handsome goat’ on Facebook as a joke.
  • However, people couldn’t get enough of Remos, who clearly knows how to pose and smile for the camera.
  • The goat has even been compared to several good-looking K-Pop stars.

There is little doubt that all goats are adorable and funny in their own way. However, one particular buck is capturing hearts all over the internet for his good looks. The “handsome goat” is so gorgeous, he could give any K-Pop idol a run for his money!

The goat named Remos (or Ramos) is an 11-month-old white Saanen goat who lives in the Muhammad Livestock Farm in Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia. His owner, Ahmad M Fadzir, decided to share photos of Remos to promote his business on Facebook. Although Fadzir thought people would appreciate the goat’s good looks, he certainly did not expect the post to go viral.

Meet Remos, the most handsome goat who looks like a K-Pop star.

According to Fadzir, Remos seems to be a natural who loves being photographed. The goat would usually pose and smile whenever he sees a camera. No word yet, however, on whether Remos could carry a tune as well!

Fadzir had recently purchased Remos from a farmer from Terengganu for RM750 (around $182). Although he is getting offers from people who want to buy Remos, he has firmly refused to let go of his farm’s biggest star.

The internet is certainly going nuts for Remos with some people comparing the handsome goat to their friends. A few new fans even declared that Remos is just as good-looking as the members of K-Pop band BTS.

While we’re not sure whether Remos can bust a move or sing like an angel, the handsome goat certainly knows how to pose. Hopefully, Fadzir can continue posting Remos’ pictures on social media.


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