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Preacher Calls BTS ‘Demonic’ And Wants K-Pop Group Banned

Brace yourselves, ARMYs are coming.


Malaysian Youth and Sports minister Syed Saddiq stated that he was trying to bring famous K-Pop boyband BTS to his country in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2020. While some Malaysians are onboard with the idea, some of them are not too happy about it.

In fact, a Malaysian Islamic preacher PU Syed Bakri has given his strong and negative opinion on the matter. He began protesting against the potential plans of BTS coming to perform in Malaysia, calling the famous K-pop group “demonic.”

In an Instagram post, PU Syed Bakri didn’t only call BTS a “demonic” group that seeks to mislead the people, he uploaded a screenshot of Russia banning BTS’s concert movies for being “gay.”

He wrote:

“We’re an Islamic country, can we really invite these demons to come here? Even Russia, a country of infidels, knows how to look after their people. What value do they bring except to lead people astray? Educate the country’s next generation using religion.”

His post was not received well by fellow Malaysians as they united together to defend BTS.

Some of the comments read:

“I don’t care if you want to call them infidels or what, but isn’t calling them ‘demons’ too much?”

“What you’re doing is embarrassing. Islam is a beautiful religion and (BTS) is still a creation of Allah SWT.”

“This is the response of so-called Muslim? Calling them demons?”

Netizens then pointed out that BTS actually respects other religions and that the boyband has even openly supported the “Free Palestine” movement.

Many believe that BTS will provide a knock-on economic boost through tourism revenue. Also, by bringing the K-pop group in Malaysia, they can appeal to a wider and much younger crowd.

However, the preacher is not the only one who condemned the idea of bringing BTS to Malaysia. Umno youth chief Datul Asyraf Dusuki also criticized Syed Saddiq for his efforts because he feels that the decision would turn Malaysia into a “laughing stock for lifting and copying a foreign culture.” Malaysian actor Sharnaaz Ahmad is also against the plan.


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