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After 2 Months of Lockdown, Store’s Leather Shoes and Bags Are Now Full of Molds




  • A Facebook netizen from Malaysia recently uploaded photos taken inside a department store.
  • The images showed how leather products such as bags, belts, shoes and wallets have been destroyed by fungal mods following a 53-day lockdown in the country.

Most non-essential businesses across the world have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Aside from losing the opportunity to earn, it looks like many establishments have also been badly affected by the lockdowns in different ways.

Case in point, some photos taken at a Malaysian store recently circulated on social media and it showed us the how leather products have been “damaged after being left in shop for two months,” wrote Nex Nezeum, who posted the images on Facebook.

With the easing of restrictions, stores have once again opened in Malaysia. Much to their surprise, however, they found their items to be good for nothing as most of them are now full of fungal molds.

Unfortunately, everything from bags and belts, to shoes and wallets are now molded.

Malaysia implemented the Movement Control Order in March to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Many businesses have been asked to shut down and now last May 10, many of these establishments have been permitted to operate once more as long as they observe sanitation and social distancing measures.

The original post did not specifically mention the name of the Malaysian store but many have noticed that the price tag indicates Metrojaya, a department store located in the state of Sabah.

Some commenters pointed out that this may have happened as a result of humid weather and because air conditioning have been turned off during the lockdown.

After the photos went viral online, Nex Nezeum uploaded pictures taken inside cinemas – which show us that, yes, even the theatre seats have caught molds as they remained unused for the past 53 days.

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