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Indonesia Forest Fire Turns Skies Into Ominous Post-Apocalyptic Red




  • New photos from a village in Indonesia reveal that the skies are turning blood red as a dangerous side effect from the forest fires.
  • The red hue is caused by harmful pollutants being expelled into the air.
  • Neighboring countries like Malaysia and the Philippines are also seeing a thick grey smog in the skies.

The forest fires continue to blaze in Indonesia and it is wreaking havoc all over the country and its neighbors. The skies in several Indonesian provinces are now turning red from the deadly flames while an ominous haze hangs over neighboring countries like Malaysia and the Philippines.

The images of the blood-red sky were shared by Jamaludin, a resident of the village of Jebus in Indonesia. The seemingly post-apocalyptic red hue is said to be a sign of unusually high pollutant contents in the air. Unfortunately for the villagers, this is something that they are seeing on a regular basis since the forest fires were started in early September.

It might look like a shot from ‘Apocalypse Now’ but it’s actually a more recent photo from the village of Jebus.

According to Jamaludin, the terrible sight has been something the villagers would wake up to every morning.

“The thick smoke haze has been extraordinary this past week. At six or seven in the morning it was already dark,” Jamaludin said. “The haze has caused smoke particles and dust to rain down to the ground and you can only see between 40 to 50 metres in front of you.”

The village of Jambi also sees blood-red skies.

While the skies in Indonesia are turning red, nearby countries like Malaysia and the Philippines are seeing the ominous haze that looks like the thick fog from the horror novel The Mist. Thick grey smoke can be seen in the air, confirming that the effects of the forest fires are reaching other parts of Asia.

The thick fog can be seen in the islands of Leyte and Siquijor in the Philippines.

Most of the forest fires were started as a cheap way to clear land for agricultural use. Unfortunately, the fires are now causing toxic smog to envelop the country. As a result, most flights have to be cancelled while schools are being closed so people could avoid exposure to the deadly smog.

Here’s another video captured by a terrified woman.

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