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Young Malaysian Couple Ignores Customs, Seals The Deal With KFC Fried Chicken On Dowry Tray




  • A bride-to-be had an unusual request for her fiance when it was time for their engagement party.
  • The Malaysian woman wanted her husband-to-be to bring some KFC fried chicken to be added on the dowry tray.
  • Not surprisingly, the couple immediately sealed the deal although they somehow ignored the usual Malaysian customs.

Most brides would probably want to have all the available luxuries on their wedding day. However, one Malaysian woman didn’t need expensive jewelry or money when she agreed to get married. The only thing she wanted to seal the deal was a bucket of fried chicken on the dowry tray.

The woman, who goes by the name Ayu, shared her unusual request from her husband-to-be on social media. During their engagement party, the couple needed to fill five ‘dulang hantaran’ or dowry trays. Although the first four trays had the usual ‘hantaran’ or gifts, Ayu asked her fiance to bring some KFC fried chicken for the fifth tray. Not surprisingly, the young man delivered.

The fried chicken was placed on the fifth dowry tray.

According to Ayu, her husband-to-be wasn’t really concerned about breaking customs. However, he wondered who he could send to find his beloved’s fried chicken.

“He was only worried who would make a run to buy the chicken. I told him if it was difficult, gift something else and he kept quiet until the day itself, ” Ayu wrote. “I did not expect he would actually send KFC as a dowry.”

It might be a huge surprise for many but Ayu admitted that she loves KFC fried chicken so much that she wanted it to be part of her engagement.

Who doesn’t love KFC fried chicken?

The fried chicken was certainly an unusual sight to see on a dowry tray but it didn’t go to waste. According to Ayu, the bucket of fried chicken was promptly consumed at the end of the engagement party.

It’s an awesome and hilarious story that proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get married.

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