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Graphic Designer Quits Her Job, Pursues Being A Farmer

“I have never felt this free in my life..”

  • 27-year old graphic designer Nuraishah Shamsuddin of Malaysia decided to quit her job and pursued a simple dream: become a farmer.
  • Nuraishah, also known as “Aishah”, recalled she used to tag along with his late grandfather in his fruit farm and palm oil plantation every morning when she was young.
  • She learned to plant vegetables through do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) videos on Youtube, reading, and her past experiences.

“I was tired with the hustle and bustle of KL lifestyles” Nuraishah Shamsuddin admitted, explaining why she decided to quit her job as a freelance graphic designer and photo editor even after earning a master’s degree in History of Arts and Cultural Management at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in Shah Alam, Malaysia. At a young age, she decided to retire from her career and finally pursue her passion in farming.

She added that she grew restless with city life and that her desire to “free her mind” by focusing on important things made her decide to achieve her longtime dreams to come home and live a much simpler life. Shamsuddin posted her farm photos and it went viral, as people got inspired by her fulfilling new life.

“7 months ago I ditch my designer career, go back home and live a simple life. I’m 27, I have no debt, I drive Perodua, I live with my mak (mother) and a cat, Copot. I go to kebun (the garden) every morning till noon, I sell organic veggies for a living. Less is more. I’m happy with my current life,” Shamsuddin wrote on Twitter.

In a SAYS article, we learn that Shamsuddin’s desire to put up a farm business was due to her memories and experiences when she was a little. She often tagged along with her late grandfather to his fruit farm and palm oil plantation every morning and to her late father’s goat pen at night.

When it comes to planting vegetables, however, Shamsuddin confessed that she only learned about them through YouTube, reading, and research.

“It’s my hobby… I feed my family and others family with healthy vegetables. I am proud of what I’m doing to this world,” she said.

At first, Shamsuddin said she wanted an orchard so she started planting some fruit trees. While waiting for her trees to grow, she later ventured on planting all kinds of local and international vegetables and fruits, including mulberries, avocados, spinach, kale, eggplant, and lettuce, among others.

She single-handedly managed and planted them by herself. However, there are times that her family and friends also volunteered to help her with her “kebun work” (garden work).

“I have never felt this free in my life. No deadlines, nobody to please. I am blessed for having a piece of land to do what I love the most,” she said.

Her tweet garnered praise and admiration from netizens.

Here are some of the reactions we found online:


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