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Guy Pets His Dog Everywhere He Travels And It’s Better Than #FollowMeTo Photos


You’ve probably seen those #FollowMeTo photos where women lead their boyfriends into gorgeous landscapes. However, one guy decided to give the Instagram trend his own awesome spin. The photographer posts amazing pictures of his adorable dog instead of a beautiful girl.

Honza Řeháček is a freelance photographer based in Czechia who loves the outdoors. Because of his constant travels, he regularly takes stunning photos of his adventures and makes sure he brings his beloved wolfdog Sitka. Not surprisingly, Sitka’s gorgeous pictures have become an internet hit.

Meet Sitka, the magnificent wolfdog who will make you want to bring your pet on your next vacation.

Honza admits that Sitka is a truly important part of his life. However, the pictures he takes are more than just a guy and his faithful companion.

“Our story began in November 2014, when I was completely down, so I decided to change my life. I started traveling around our country and the month after I met Sitka. The best dog that changed my life forever. From this moment, we are still on our way to discovering the beauty of this world. That’s the best way I ever went and so I started taking photos. I want to keep these moments forever.”

Sitka clearly loves the outdoors as much as Honza. Moreover, the images confirm that these two friends will be enjoying more trips in the future.

The gorgeous pooch always looks amazing in Honza’s pictures.

People were immediately smitten with Sitka, who always looks like a truly happy pup in the photos. “You have a wonderful dog! It’s beautiful that you love him so much! I’m glad that there are still people like you in the world,” one comment read.

“Your dog is so beautiful!! And those pictures are just amazing! I need at least 20 printed and put on my walls!!” one fan gushed.

Honza and Sitka will continue traveling and sharing their stunning photos. Follow them on Instagram @kopernikk to see more of their awesome adventures.

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