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After Her Husband Cheated On Her, Woman And Pet Dog Traveled The World In A Van




  • Emily Abrahams’ husband cheated on her.
  • After their split, Emily decided to sell everything and take a van to travel the world with Loki, her beloved pet dog.
  • The former primary school teacher from Australia is now a pet photographer based in England.

What do you do when your spouse cheats on you? For Emily Abrahams, it’s an opportunity to pursue her dreams of traveling the world. And she brought her pet Border Collie along with her!

According to Emily, she caught her husband exchanging racy messages with another woman. “I had grown suspicious of my then-husband,” she said, “so I decided to check his phone and found some rather racy messages. We’d only been married for four years – it was devastating.”

Getting away from it all – in a small van.

So when they decided to go separate ways, she sold her house, hopped into a van, and then took a flight with Loki to the city of Karlsruhe in Germany – and they’ve been traveling non-stop since.

Together, the two watched the Northern Lights in Sweden, hiked a mountain in Slovenia, and checked out waterfalls in Austria.

So far, they’ve visited about 20 European countries.
“Looking back, I’m so grateful I got cheated on,” remarked the former teacher.

She said:

“I would have just stayed put being miserable otherwise. After the split I tried to think about what I really wanted to do with my life. I realized I wanted to see the world with my best friend – my dog, Loki. He’s the best travel buddy ever.”

Originally from Melbourne, Australia and now based in Pennines, Emily is now making a living as pet photographer in Durham.

Eventually, Emily also got a second Border Collie named Journey.

As she wrote in her website:

“I’ve taken thousands of photos of Loki from the north of Sweden all the way through to Croatia and more recently added Journey to our adventure, and together all three of us have travelled, explored, and delighted.”

Check out their other photos below:



To see more photos of Emily, Loki, and Journey, go follow them on Instagram.

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