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Guy Keeps Photoshopping Himself Into Celebrity Photos, Makes Them Look Hilarious





We all probably have a celebrity or two whom we admire and would die to spend some time with or simply take a photo with. However, their status keeps them limited and as public figures, they are someone who cannot just hang around anywhere and anytime they want to. Oftentimes, these make it really difficult for us average people to reach out to them.

Robert Van Impe, though, is an exemption to the ordinary fan who cannot bond with their idol celebrities. Looking at his photos on social media, celebrities seem to have a lot of time to spare to have some fun get together with him. But apparently, he uses some magic to book an appointment with them.

The Instagram prankster that goes by the name Average Rob has been flexing his superb Photoshop skills by cropping himself into celebrity photos. His photo creations revolve around a hilarious theme which made this Belgian mediocre dude get a huge following on his social media account.

While he cannot actually hang out with Kendall Jenner or Kim Kardashian, Average Rob still gets to live his dream of posing side by side with the Hollywood A-listers and biggest sports stars. While many others exercise their Photoshop skills to do the same and get a good picture with their celebrity idols, nobody seems to match the expertise of Average Rob whose edited photos seem realistic.

Rob seems to be living a simplistic life, but in reality, this digital artist and comedian is a Master’s degree holder in Advertising and Marketing which he completed at the Coventry University. He also works as a journalist for the Belgian comedy magazine, Humo, which explains where his hilarious creations are rooting from.

Average Rob had creative stunts which already went viral in the past. These include his seemingly real selfies with sleeping personalities and revelation about being former president Barack Obama’s secret BFF.

If you enjoyed those Photoshopped photos he already shared, you will probably love his latest creations even more. Scroll down to see his latest photo album of selfies with his star-studded squad.









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