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30 Hilarious Photo Edits By Korean Photoshop Trolls





If you have ever seen the work of James Fridman, you’d be fully aware by now that asking for free Photoshop help over the internet isn’t exactly the wisest of ideas. This photo editor trolls people who make free requests and churns out insanely hilarious results.

Well apparently, Fridman’s kind has multiplied on the web as several Korean guys are following his footsteps. One Facebook page called We Do Phosop (yes, you read it right – that’s not a typo) offers free Photoshop editing help for interested individuals. The catch, however, is that they’d either take your requests literally or just simply give them a funny spin.

Check out some samples of their work below and prepare to have a hearty laugh!

#1. Make it look like I’m being chased by scary people.

#2.Can you please make the pose more dynamic?

#3. Please make it look like I’m being chased by horrible people.

#4. Can you make this photo look more dangerous?

#5. Can you make me wear a uniform?

#6. My underwear is lightly exposed. Can you remove it?

#7. Can you make me look like I’m a hero in the middle of a war?

#8. Can you make my background a little more dangerous?

#9. Somebody took a photo of me sleeping at work. Can you fix this and make it look like I work hard?

#10. Can you fix this picture and make it like a movie scene instead?

#11. Can you lower my pants so that my socks are covered? Also, put a bottle of Soju in front of me.

#12. Could you brighten the photo so my face can be clearly seen?

#13. I’m bored in this photo. Please make it more exciting.

#14. Can you add a bear in this picture?

#15. Please make me taller than my friend.

#16. Can you make the cheese look better?

#17. Please make my Grand Canyon jump pic more realistic.

#18. I want to use this for my profile pic but the waitress is in the background. Fix this please.

#19. Please put a pretty girl beside me.

#20. Please remove the couple behind me and add blooming cherries in the background.

#21. Can you make it look like I’m wearing socks?

#22. Move my uncle a little closer to me.

#23. My friend recently married. Can you make this photo reflect that?

#24. Please make this look like a wild animal.

#25. Please make my background a little more thrilling.

#26. Please make this like a scene from a movie.

#27. The white background looks boring. Can you do something about it?

#28. Make it look like I’m eating something no one else has tasted yet.

#29. Can you make me look like a real pro?

#30. I’d want to ride a real horse.

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