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Gunmaker To Forge $1 Million-Dollar Pistols From a Meteorite As Old As Earth

Attention, gun collectors. You may want to save up your money for this.

Attention, gun collectors. You may want to save up your money for this.

If you want to lay your hands on an ultra-rare, antique (technically), and out-of-this-world firearm, then this pistol might just be for you. Luxury handgun-making company Cabot Guns just announced that they will be creating “extra-terrestrial” pistols from the Gibeon meteorite.

Given the moniker “Big Bang pistol set”, the guns will be forged from a 35-kilogram piece of the meteorite.


They will be fashioned after the 1911 semiautomatic .45 caliber pistol.

According to Rob Bianchin, Cabot’s founder and president, building the pistols felt like a science experiment. “We were not sure it was possible, but we have passed the critical stage of construction and we are confident these will be a fully functional set of left and right-handed mirror image pistols.” 

Bianchin even compared the cutting of the meteorite to the “cutting of a rare diamond.”


Photo credit: CNN Money

The Gibeon meteorite was discovered in Namibia in the 1830s and supposedly crashed to earth around 4.5 billion years ago. It is highly valued due to its unusual patterns of crystallized metal called Widmanstatten lines. Smaller polished pieces of the meteorite are being sold on eBay.

Interested to know the price? Well, it’s just around the tune of $1 million.


Better save up now, folks!


Psychologist Explains The Most Common Dreams And What They Mean

A psychologist helps interpret your most common nighttime meanderings.


If you're the kind of person who experiences a lot of vivid dreams that you can remember upon waking, it can be a puzzle to try and come up with explanations about the meaning of the images you see and experience while asleep.

More often than not, dreams send us messages that our conscious minds are unable to fathom while awake, and these messages help us understand what to do.

Such is the wonder of our minds....

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Hilarious Illustrations Accurately Depicts What it’s Like to be a Mother

MOMS Check out these amusing photos of everyday motherhood problems! You will surely see yourself in it and would definitely love it! This is worth SHARING to all moms out there!


What do you think about when you hear the word motherhood? Motherhood is one of the greatest blessings a woman can receive. Motherhood equates to unconditional love. This is one of the most difficult professions in the world because it comes along with great responsibilities. Raising babies and children can test the patience of parents, it can also be challenging but at the same time, they give so much happiness that makes every effort worth it.

Motherhood is love and joy. It is when you are able to learn more things, like being strong for the children and being able to do something you never thought is possible. Parenthood is how you love through the ups and down, and the love you give lasts a lifetime from birth to eternity. It is something you choose and love despite the challenges life brings, a treasure you will forever cherish.

Below are illustrations from Natalia Sabransky, she is from Argentina. Natalia is a wife and a new mother. Her husband is Gaston and his son is named Santiago. She posted her illustrations in her website Mama Ilustrada because she wanted other moms to relate about everyday motherhood experiences and make mothers feel that they are not alone. The characters in her drawings are played by her, his husband and son. Natalia Sabransky wants to encourage moms about their role and let them see themselves in her illustrations. ...

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Your Phone’s SIM Card Isn’t Completely Safe From Hackers, Karsten Nohl Says

Karsten Nohl, an ‘ethical hacker’ managed to easily hack into a ‘secure’ SIM card.

Just a few blogs ago, we shared with you Karsten Nohl’s latest exposition that credit cards aren’t entirely safe as we think they are. According to him and Fabian Braunlein, his partner, hackers can easily run away with your money by stealing your personal information and even duplicating your credit card.

We got pretty fascinated with this guy’s keen knowledge about security-related matters. So we dug deeper on his other studies and we found another interesting one.

In a post published by RT, this German code breaker revealed majority of the SIM card designs used across the world are actually vulnerable to hackers....

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