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Indonesian Man “Feels Cheated” After the Meteorite He Sold for $14,000...

This is why it's always better to do your research.

Car Owner Hit By Meteorite Asks Payment From Church After Insurance...

He told the priest to ask his Master what he can do about the car damage.

The Hoba Meteorite, the Largest Known Meteorite on Earth, Didn’t Leave...

It was discovered by a farmer while ploughing his field.

In 1964, This Woman Was Hit By A Meteorite While She...

According to history, Ann Hodges of Alabama was the first human victim of a meteorite.

Gunmaker To Forge $1 Million-Dollar Pistols From a Meteorite As Old...

Attention, gun collectors. You may want to save up your money for this.

This Amazing Japanese Sword Was Forged Out Of A Meteorite. Truly...

Japan's Sword of Heaven and Man at Arms' awesome Sokka sword replica are both made of meteorites.

The Fukang Meteorite Is Probably The Most Attractive Space Stone Ever

Interestingly, the Fukang meteorite has translucent golden crystals, making it unique among other space rocks of its kind.