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Car Owner Hit By Meteorite Asks Payment From Church After Insurance Calls it Act of God

He told the priest to ask his Master what he can do about the car damage.


Putting a number on the chances of getting hit by a meteorite or any of the so-called ‘act of God‘ is as difficult as it is rare, studies say. However, Percy England of Barwell, England would probably disagree. It was, in fact, an alleged ‘act of God’ that hit him and his dream, and on Christmas Eve too!

Imagine finding your brand new car with a hole in the bonnet? You probably feel hatred deep down your bones for whoever did it to you. It was perhaps this feeling that filled Percy, after he finds his beloved and brand new Vauxhall Viva damaged by a meteorite on the Christmas Eve of 1965.

Days before Christmas, Percy had bought a Vauxhall Viva HA 1057cc, a small family car, for himself and his family, only to find it damaged on Christmas Eve.


Percy had bought a Vauxhall Viva HA 1057cc, a small family car, for himself and his family, and later on found a hole on the car’s bonnet. Percy thought the culprits were the street boys with a penchant for vandalism after seeing the bonnet of his car. So when he found the piece of rock that smashed his car, he threw it away in anger. Apparently, he shouldn’t have.

The government offered money for a piece of the meteorite, days after the incident. As Percy’s luck goes, his 6-pound debris has already made someone else richer. Dan Kendall, curator of the National Space Centre, had even described the search that followed “a bit of a gold rush in Barwell.”

Among the lucky ones were Margaret Pickering and her husband. She said, “There are an awful lot of people with their little bits of meteorite tucked away somewhere.”

The Barwell Meteorite, the largest and is believed to be special meteorite that hit Britain in the 1960s.


As far as stories go, Percy never cashed in on the fallen debris of the 4.5 billion-year-old Barwell Meteorite, like some others.

Arthur Crow, a local who was among the first witnesses said, “Half a dozen pieces came down, and at first it seemed like rockets.” He allegedly touched one, felt the hot surface, and dropped it. Rosemary Leader, 26, picked up a piece of the rubble then threw it away. “I was out carol singing, I didn’t want to carry a lump of rock around,” she said.

Years later, Percy’s story lives on. His insurance was against vandals. The car was declared damaged by the meteorite, so the insurance company refused to pay, calling it an ‘act of God.’ Stories about Percy’s luck circulated. In one account, Percy was believed to have written to the insurance company, with a salutation that goes, “Dear Mr God…”

Another report said that the poor man visited the local church and asked the priest what his Master had to say, and if they would repair it.

Percy was never paid. But, as Professor Arthur Jack Meadows of the Leicester University, had said, Leicestershire now has ‘an extraordinary story even better than a falling sky on Christmas Eve’.


Dogs Help Toddler Break Out From Bedroom So She Can Feed Them

Because the tot is more generous than mom and dad!

Dogs are a man's best friend they said - and that's definitely something that has been proven and tested. That's why most owners do the best they can to save their pooches if they are in danger. Moreover, dogs are sometimes just too "funny" to be true as they do hilarious things that their owners never imagined they would ever do.

Case in point, Chris and Nina welcomed their daughter Chloe 15 months ago and their pet dogs couldn't be any happier that they have a new member of the family. Golden Retrievers Bleu and Colby or known as Cheese Patrol are definitely the toddler's buddies. The tot's mom was recently baffled by the idea that little Chloe has been roaming around the house in the morning as she's still too young to open the door to the bedroom.

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Heroic Fireman Saves Suicidal Woman By Catching Her As She Falls From Building

He caught her just as she plummeted to the ground.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some simply have lightning fast reflexes and a pure intention to help. Case in point, a fireman is being hailed as a local hero after he saved a woman from certain death. The firefighter did so by catching her as she fell from a building in a suicide attempt.

Tomas Jaunzems was in the right place at the right time. The fireman from the State Fire And Rescue Service Of Latvia was one of the men who responded to a call reporting a possible suicide attempt. Jaunzems immediately sprang into action and headed for the multi-apartment building. The firefighters decided to wait in an apartment just below the woman's floor and prepared for the worst.

Tomas Jaunzems has worked for the National Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia for five years and has saved numerous lives including the suicidal woman.

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Man Presumed Dead After Climbing Mount Everest For Hidden Cryptocurrency Stunt

It was part of ASKFm’s cryptocurrency publicity stunt.

A man may have lost his life for $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency. A group of people set off to bury a crypto-wallet containing 500,000 tokens somewhere in Mount Everest. One of the climbers never made it back down the mountain.

AskFM recently launched its own cryptocurrency dubbed ASKT and decided to promote the tokens through a daring publicity stunt. The Q&A online platform sent four mountain climbers to the top of Mount Everest to hide a ledger wallet filled with ASKT. Unfortunately, a Sherpa who accompanied the climbers has yet to come down from the risky climb.

AskFM sent four climbers to Mount Everest to hide $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency.

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