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How To Defend Yourself From A Driver At Gunpoint

Because prevention will always be better than cure.


In today’s world, it is almost impossible for you to be not in danger. Wherever you go, there is always that possibility of getting ditched. Yes, it is scary to think, but it is 100 percent true. Still, at the end of the day, it all boils down to how you react in such situations. Are you mentally and physically ready? Are you trained whatsoever? Do you have self-defense weapons readily available?

When it comes to this topic, perhaps the most interesting one is where taxi drivers or any other ride-sharing car drivers are involved. In fact, there have been countless reports of people getting victimized by drivers at gunpoint. They are lucky if they do not get hurt, but no one can really tell.

In an interesting video courtesy of Top Gear Philippines, we will breakdown the best ways in dealing a driver with a gun. This is most especially if the weapon is already pointed at your direction.

#1. Not sitting behind the driver, allowing the driver to easily point the gun, is actually a bad thing.

#2. Push the gun away using the left hand.

By doing so, you can prevent the possibility of harming the person at your left. This could be your friend, your wife, or even your kid.

#3. Grab the weapon and be sure to push it, so it aims downwards.

#4. Using both the hands and the body as defense.

#5. Apply some counter-attack measures.

They key here, however, is to always sit directly at the back of the driver, as this is the safest spot in a car. The driver will have a hard time reaching you and, more importantly, you can retaliate accordingly. You can even hit him in the head with ease if he tries to make some stupid moves.

Remember: in situations like this, it is better to be prepared. Furthermore, if you notice something amiss in your ride, do you best to get out of it before things get heated.

For the full application of the instructions, see video below:

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Guy Demonstrates How To Open Sliding Chain Lock Using Tape and Rubber Band

I got to change my lock!

First off, I got to admit that I’m a huge fan of sliding chain locks. I have them at home and I think they’re pretty awesome. In comparison with the usual padlocks, I think these chain locks are much safer to use.

After seeing this video, however, I’m starting to think twice about how secure these locks are in the first place. In the short demonstration below, you will see that all it takes to unlock these things are a piece of tape and one rubber band.

I first saw this clip on Facebook, as shared by the Being Woman page, and I thought it’s actually a bit alarming.

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Big or small, there’s a perfect wedding dress for you!

Brides will put all stops to make sure that their wedding day is the most perfect day ever and they will look their absolute best when they walk down the aisle. Finding the perfect dress is top of their list and if you’re like most brides, you will scour heaven and earth just to get your hands on the gown of your dreams.

The best dress doesn’t depend alone on how good it looks on the magazine or the store display; you have to make sure that the fit is absolutely perfect. Design and fit go hand-in-hand and what works for you will depend on your body type.

Here's how you can know which type of wedding dress is best for you:

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Quality of sleep is as important as quantity.

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Here are signs that your sleep is not as good as it should be:

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