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This Magical Table Actually Glows When The Sun Goes Down.





I personally love everything that is DIY and I even follow different pages and sites where I can learn, get some tips and instructions. It just brings out beauty and color to what seems usual and ordinary. From greeting cards, garlands, backdrops to home decorations and furniture, DIY is the ultimate lifesaver!

Matt Brown, a certified DIY-er and designer came up with something unique and refreshing for an invention. If you haven’t heard about the glowing table, then prepare to be amazed. Yes, he is the man!

The beautiful glow-in-the-dark table is made out of Pecky Cypress wood planks, blue “glowing” powder and resin. Only those three materials are needed plus some knowledge about woodworking and you’re  all set. According to Matt, naturally formed voids in the hardwood are filled with photoluminescent  glow-in-the-dark powder mixed with clear casting resin creating an extraordinary table that glows in the dark after charging up on sunlight. This vibrant shade of blue can shimmer in the dark for periods of up to 20 minutes.

This Pecky cypress wood has naturally occurring holes that are perfect for this project.


Photo credit: Instructables
After cutting the board, it must be sand down to give a smooth feel.


Photo credit: Instructables
He then used a mixture of resin and photoluminescent powder to fill in the holes in the wood.


Photo credit: Instructables
The cracks will start to give off an incredible glow.


Photo credit: Instructables
Here's how it magically glows in total darkness.


Photo credit: Instructables
After finishing the table with some more resin, sanding, and polyurethane finish, it was finally done.


Photo credit: Instructables
The finished product.


Photo credit: Instructables


Photo credit: Instructables

Watch the amazing video:

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This is indeed something new and uniquely done. I would definitely love to get one of this on our backyard. How about you?

Credits: Instructables

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