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Adorable Teacup Gardens Could Add A Touch of Fantasy To Your Home

They’re extremely attractive and they won’t take up much space!

Mark Andrew





If you’re the type of person who loves plants (who doesn’t, right?) and digs cute things at the same time, we bet you’d probably want these in your homes: mini teacup gardens.

In a recent Bored Panda feature, we learned that these adorable little gardens are actually a thing these days – and they look pretty fantastic! We couldn’t help but be amazed and think this is a good way to add a whimsical vibe to any house.

Tiny teacup gardens: they’re extremely attractive, plus they won’t take up much space!

DIY expert Muhaiminah Faiz, who runs the Craftaholic Witch account on Instagram, has shared how she has developed quite a fascination for these fairy gardens. But instead of building an outdoor fantasy-themed garden, she decided to go on a smaller scale.

Muhaiminah specifically went with cactus, succulent and wall plants and then placed them in cute teacups. The result has since captivated plant enthusiasts on the internet.

“I’ve been wanting to make a fairy garden for a long time but made something quite similar this time,” she told BoredPanda.

In the same feature, the website has highlighted many examples of these interesting miniature gardens and we couldn’t help but be convinced – this could be a fun DIY project to try.

Check out the rest of the photo compilation below and see for yourself:




















So yes, these cute gardens allow you to do a fun project without having to spend much. You won’t have to buy gnomes and other materials! On top of that, they’re also easier to do since they require lesser time to create and maintain, compared with an outdoor garden.

If you want to stay updated with more of Craftaholic Witch’s future projects, you better give her a follow on Instagram. Her DIY posts are pretty interesting!

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