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Grimes Explains Unique Name of Her Baby With Elon Musk




  • Elon Musk and Grimes has welcomed their first baby.
  • The couple decided to call their son X Æ A-12 Musk and now the internet is confused.
  • The state of California, however, said the name “would not be allowed” for certain reasons.

Techpreneur Elon Musk and Canadian singer Grimes recently announced the birthday of their first baby together. While many took the time to congratulate and greet the couple, some also couldn’t help but notice the child’s unusual name.

Apparently, the pair decided to name their newborn son as X Æ A-12. Musk himself confirmed this with a fan on Twitter and the internet has since had mixed reactions about it. In fact, the name eventually inspired tons of memes.

In a Twitter post, Grimes later revealed the real meaning behind the unique name.

Meanwhile, in his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience show, Elon confessed it was mostly his partner who came up with the name. He also explained how to pronounce it:

“X is letter X. The Æ is pronounced as ‘Ash.’ And then A-12 is my contribution… Archangel 12, the precursor to SR-71, the coolest plane ever,” the proud dad shared.

So yes, the name is pronounced “Ex Ash A-Twelve.”

While it’s surely a name unlike any other, some netizens pointed out how future teachers and classmates of the boy may often end up in a state of confusion whenever they hear about his name.

Also, others made fun of it because it sounds a bit too futuristic.

Of course, another serious consideration for the couple is that the state of California is having issues about the name as early as now.

As Matt Conens of the Public Affairs Office of the California Department of Public Health told USA Today:

“A name like ‘X Æ A-12’ would not be allowed. Vital records must be completed with the 26 alphabetical characters of the English language and appropriate punctuation such as hyphens, apostrophes, periods, and commas.”

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