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Filipino Guy Creates Prosthetic Face Mask That Looks Creepy And Cool




  • Rene Aberlado of Laguna, Philippines is creating some creepy prosthetic face masks.
  • His work went viral online after his daughter posted about it on Facebook.
  • The masks are sold for only US$6 each.

As wearing face masks continue to be the “new normal”amid the coronavirus pandemic, some people are using their creativity to make things a bit more fun. Case in point, a 50-year-old from San Pedro, Laguna in the Philippines recently caught some social media attention because of his uniquely spooky mask.

A prosthetics maker by profession, Rene Abelardo created a face mask cover that looks straight from a horror movie. Now he’s selling his creation online, much to the delight of those who love his work.

The masks are “all handmade,” according to Marianne Abelardo, Rene’s daughter, who shared the now-viral photos on Facebook.

In a Coconuts Manila feature, we learn that Rene has been making prosthetics for television programs in the country for a long time now.

It looks realistic and badass!

Rene reflected:

“I started making prosthetics since I was 17 and my mentor was [art director] Maurice Carvajal. Until now, I’m still working [as one].”

“I thought of making the mask because the new normal has occurred,” he added. “I thought why not bring it to another level just for good vibes?”

The plastic masks are sold for only Php300 (US$6) each.

Since Marianne’s post went viral, however, they’re now receiving a lot of inquiries and orders so they’re working extra hard to meet the growing demand for the masks.

The good news for his newly-gained fans is that, yes, he has several more designs in mind and he promises to launch them soon. Plus he’s also willing to accept customized masks for interested customers who want him to do “any characters,” Marianne said.

In case you’re curious, you can go check out Rene’s prosthetic masks on Facebook.

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