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How To Cut Your Own Hair At Home

Here’s a handy guide for men and women!


With countless non-essential businesses closing due to the government-implemented lockdowns,many people have been forced to be creative and resourceful in order to get by. Case in point, not everyone of us are lucky enough to be quarantined at home with a professional hairdresser. So we do the best we can – which often means cutting our own hair.

While salons are starting to open up these days, some are still not comfortable about the idea of stepping into one because the virus may still be out there, waiting for its next victims.

Yes, you can still get a hair cut even when you’re stuck at home.

Whether you’re trying to avoid contracting coronavirus or simply want to learn a new skill, the good news is, yes, anyone can actually learn to cut and style their own hair – even at home. It may look a bit tricky at first but with practice and patience, you can actually learn the skill.

To get started, you need to make sure you have the basic hair-cutting tools namely, scissors, a clipper, a comb, a mirror, and a hair dryer, among others.

Next, decide what kind of haircut you want so you can look up good online tutorials based on that.

Lastly, you’d want to get your hair wet with water or wash it with shampoo so you can cut it with greater ease.

Speaking of tutorials, YouTube can be a great resource for aspiring haircutters.

Here’s a good video from YouTuber alpha m. about how to cut hair, DIY-style (for men):

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For the ladies who want to get their hair shorter, here’s a quick way of doing that:

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Again, there are a lot of great videos n YouTube so feel free to search just in case you’re thinking of a specific hairstyle – or simply want to improve your skills further.

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