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Simple Lemon Hack Gets Rid of Annoying Flies Within 30 Minutes




  • A woman from Adelaide, Australia has shared a fly repellent hack using a lemon and some cloves.
  • According to her, flies were gone “within half hour” after she tried this trick.

How do you get rid of annoying flies at your home? You might want to give this little trick a try.

In a recent Daily Mail feature, we read about how some Australian homeowners have managed to banish flies using a simple hack. The trick “actually works,” according to those who have tried it.

All you need is a lemon sliced in half and some cloves.

Just place the cloves on top of the lemon (as seen in the photo above) and you’re good to go.

Be sure to replace the lemon with a new one when it gets dry, though, as the flies will surely return once you forget about this step.

Another idea is to pour some water to keep the fruit moist. This can be done at least 3 to 4 times, one woman said.

Others said that the hack works for both indoor and outdoor scenarios, adding that while a few flies may pass, they will not “stick around like normal.”

Adelaide resident Vanessa, the original poster of the fly repellent, shared:

“It’s stinkin’ hot here today, my veranda was full of flies – put this out there; within half hour barely a fly.”

“This may not work for everyone, but it works for me,” she also added.

Ever since the hack went viral, many have also stepped up to confirm that it is actually effective.

One mother commented:

“I did this last summer worked really well inside but will try outside as flies are biting the dogs ears.”

Another said:

“I do this too – reduces flies significantly.”

Others, however, remained unconvinced, with one woman saying she tried it while camping but “it had zero effect.” Someone also wrote, “I have tried this too and it didn’t work but it looks like it works for everyone else.”

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