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Fitness Trainer Posts Reality VS Instagram Photos Of Herself To Show Nobody’s Perfect





Social media is changing the world drastically. In fact, it has made a great impact on how we think and act, and now, even our confidence is greatly affected by it. Just look at the pretty faces and perfect bodies we see on Facebook and Instagram. Most of us who do not have those flawless features certainly feel insecure with others, even coming to the point of self-pitying.

However, one of Instagram’s greatly followed blogger, presenter and fitness trainer is helping people to regain their confidence and regrow self-love. Chessie King has a slim and toned body but she’s spreading the word about how Instagram can be really deceiving.

Chessie King is a known fitness trainer but she started posting photos of her “flawed” self to inspire other people.

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Chessie has been posting photos of herself on Instagram where she compares her posed and unposed images side by side. She does this to make people realize that even the seemingly perfect-looking people cannot look good 24/7.

While most social media users are addicted to appreciating personalities who pose to look like gods and goddesses of beauty, Chessie shares her imperfect photos saying she, and others like her, could also look unattractive.

Through her photos, Chessie aims to show others the reality in the pictures seen on social media.

There are also the facts that photos these days could have just been enhanced through Photoshop or camera filters. In reality, our bodies have countless flaws and Chessie wants people to love themselves despite those “ugliness.” With her reality vs Instagram collages, this fitness trainer says she’s done with seeing photos online that aren’t authentic and told Metro UK:

“There wasn’t anyone on Instagram I could relate too and it didn’t help with my body confidence.

“For a (just scraping) 6ft girl who has always been a bigger build than my friends, I found the body shapes I saw on Instagram unrealistic & unachievable for me…I want my Instagram to act as a support platform and for girls to see me as an older sister figure sharing my journey to help them.”

Although she has an undeniably attractive body, Chessie shows that she also has flaws and she is not ashamed of them.

Chessie hopes people will know that even the hottest personality on Instagram isn’t at all perfect because nobody is. She also shared about how she didn’t feel confident of her body and how long it took her to achieve her current figure. She explained:

“It’s taken me a long, long time to get where I am now with my body…Since 15 years old I’ve put it through everything possible, from being underweight with absolutely no energy to overeating and feeling ashamed of myself.”

Chessie King then shared how she come to love her body saying:

“This body confidence I now have has come from years of experience…I have controlled my food & my training so meticulously in the past, I am now educated and understand my body better than ever.”

She also said that being honest about how she really looks like in her body helps her build her confidence saying:

“I think the more open I am on Instagram the easier it is for me to accept my body…Every time I show my “wobbly bits” or my “imperfect bits” I feel a sense of freedom.”

Chessie now hopes that her photos on Instagram would help others change the way they talk about their bodies. She also desires to inspire others to be more appreciative of themselves by recognizing what their body parts do for them instead of focusing on their imperfections.

Chessie shares through her posts how she grew to love her body despite its imperfections.

“I wish we all appreciated what our bodies actually do for us, the things we say we hate…For example, our legs; they carry us round every single day, they keep us standing, they do so much for us!”

Furthermore, Chessie shares an advice to those who are struggling to accept their bodies saying:

“The bits you don’t like… make friends with them.”

“Look at them, touch them, give them a wobble, accept them. They’re part of YOUR body. No one is looking at them, just you.”

Finally, Chessie King calls out to all those who criticize others for not being as attractive as they are with these words:

“I also wish people would stop body shaming, in person & online. It’s so easy to sit behind a keyboard or a phone & attack they need to think about the impact that this has on the person that they are criticising…We need to stop shaming and all start supporting each other.”

See more of Chessie King’s reality vs Instagram photos below:


Source: ins


Source: ins